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268Re: [cc2-dev-l] Symbol redraw

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  • Golden, Christopher
    Jul 1, 2001
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      Max Skibinsky wrote:

      > I'm wondering - what controls how symbol is redrawn when placed
      > or dragged? I have catalog of custom symbols where all symbols
      > are invisible when cursor is static. I see blinking outlines only
      > when cursor is moving, and that makes it incredibly hard to place
      > them right... Is there is any way to mark certain entities in
      > symbol to be redrawn at all times?

      Happily enough, the way to ensure that symbols are always
      drawn while being moved involves no code, just alterations
      to the symbols themselves. All you need to do is make
      sure that symbols never feature an even number of entities
      with the same shape in the same position.

      Thus, for example, if you have a symbol that consists of
      a white polygon with an overlaid hollow black polygon of
      the same size and shape, you will not be able to see the
      symbol very easily when it is moving. If you copy the
      outline polygon and add the copy to the symbol, then you
      will have three identically-shaped polygons stacked on top
      of one another, and the symbol will be perfectly visible
      while moving.

      Take care,
      Chris G.
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