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25InsPart() -- how is it used?

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  • Christopher Golden
    Apr 18, 2000
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      I'm trying to develop an XP that requires that the symbols from
      an arbitrary symbol catalog be inserted into the current CC2
      drawing before the XP can proceed. From what I understand, us-
      ing the API InsPart() would do the trick -- I would insert the
      symbol catalog into the drawing as a "part". However, I don't
      see any documentation that explains what arguments InsPart()
      takes, and what it returns, if anything. The FCW32.TXT file
      that comes with the XP developer's kit doesn't say anything on
      this matter.

      Do any other listers know how to use InsPart()?

      I think that at least I understand how I can find out what
      entities exist within an arbitrary symbol catalog -- I use the
      DLLoad() API to open the catalog as a drawing list, and then I
      can use the DLScan() API to iterate through the entities within
      the catalog. Now all I need to know is how to use InsPart(),
      and I'll be on my way!

      Christopher Golden
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