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218Re: [cc2-dev-l] Registry key holding CC2 directory

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  • Chris Conboy
    Mar 5, 2001
      Christopher Golden wrote:
      > I'm hoping to automate installation and uninstallation of the Mappa
      > Harnica software add-on for CC2. I'm assuming that to get the CC2
      > installation directory, I should query the registry. Is this key:
      > HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\EvolutionComputing\CampaignCartographer
      > the one I want to query? Or is there a better one?

      My approach:

      -- First look in EvolutionComputing key

      -- Second look in FastCAD key (if not found above)

      -- Third look in App Paths\FCW32.exe (if not found above)
      CurrentVersion\App Paths\FCW32.EXE\Path

      Beyond that, ask the user to find it, or sol.

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