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17[cc2-dev-l] Re: The DevZone

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  • L. Lee Saunders
    Mar 6, 2000
      Hi Clay,
      Actually this fits well with the file format work that we've been talking about.  If we can read the format then we can write it as well.  If your program can also understand another format all you have to do is read from one and write to the other.
      Hi Lee,
      This may be idiot question, but I'm interested in bringing objects created in vector programs into CC-2.  Is possible? Is it too obvious and I'm just missing the whole point?
      Hello CC2 Developers,
      I'd just like to take a minute and tell this group that the DevZone is about you.  What you want to do with CC2 and how you can accomplish it. 
      So tell me, what would you like to learn?  Do you want to create an XP to draw spirals?  Do you want to write a Random Name Generator that through Intercom lets you place random names directly into CC2?  Do you have data outside CC2, like a 3D star chart that you would like to automatically import into CC2 by having your program write a script?  Do you have a graphics program that you've written and you would like it to be able to output an FCW file?
      Tell me what your plans are and I'll try to mold my tutorials around your efforts!
      BTW do not think of these different ways to automate CC2 in a vacuum because you gain the greatest amount of power by combining these styles.
      L. Lee Saunders
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