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14[cc2-dev-l] Re: The DevZone

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  • L. Lee Saunders
    Mar 5, 2000
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      Hail All,

      Actually the work is in building the tools needed to read the FCW file
      format. Once we can read the file format it is actually quite trivial to
      then reproduce the CC2 entities in a picture box. If this is of great
      interest, we can focus the next couple of weeks on the file format.

      VB, as you probably already know, can now create OCX's. So, once we get a
      CC2 file reader and displayer we can wrap it up in an OCX control for other
      developers to add to there programs. The main hurdle is that the CC2 file
      is binary in format and the tools in VB to deal with binary files are, at
      least on the surface, are slim to none.

      Since learning the file format is an evolutionary process, we will first
      learn to read the file format and find the placement and length of all the
      elements within the file.

      If this is where you want to head then I can probably get the next lesson on
      the DevZone by tonight. Is this the next update you want to see?

      L. Lee Saunders

      > Sort of an CC2 viewer ActiveX control. Besides being all round useful for
      > incorporating CC2 maps into other applications, it would make them more
      > viewable from the web.
      > I'd second this idea (although admittedly it's a lot of work).
      > Rob
      > "I love work ... I could watch it all day long"
      > lee-
      > my current "dream feature" for cc2 is a viewer capable of allowing
      > another program (either in vb, what i'm learning know, or in c, what i
      > want to learn next) to display the fcw files without having to open the
      > cc2 program directly. obviously, it would need to print it out as well.
      > chasmyr
      > http://www.fly.to/chasmyrsgrotto
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