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13[cc2-dev-l] Re: The DevZone

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  • Rob McDougall
    Mar 5, 2000
      Sort of an CC2 viewer ActiveX control. Besides being all round useful for
      incorporating CC2 maps into other applications, it would make them more
      viewable from the web.

      I'd second this idea (although admittedly it's a lot of work).

      "I love work ... I could watch it all day long"

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      From: FC2(SW) Matthew Lynn [mailto:LYNNM@...]
      Sent: March 5, 2000 4:12 PM
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      my current "dream feature" for cc2 is a viewer capable of allowing
      another program (either in vb, what i'm learning know, or in c, what i
      want to learn next) to display the fcw files without having to open the
      cc2 program directly. obviously, it would need to print it out as well.
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