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12[cc2-dev-l] Re: The DevZone

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  • Bruce A. Carson
    Mar 5, 2000
      I have to agree this would be the most useful feature that could be added to
      CC2. Almost all Windows programs now support COM/OLE/ActiveX. CC2 is
      lagging behind in this regard.

      However, I do not think that this can be accomplished with XP or other
      programming aid. It has to be built-in to the application.

      Bruce A. Carson

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      From: FC2(SW) Matthew Lynn [mailto:LYNNM@...]
      Sent: Sunday, March 05, 2000 4:12 PM
      To: 'cc2-dev-l@egroups.com'
      Subject: [cc2-dev-l] Re: The DevZone

      my current "dream feature" for cc2 is a viewer capable of allowing
      another program (either in vb, what i'm learning know, or in c, what i
      want to learn next) to display the fcw files without having to open the
      cc2 program directly. obviously, it would need to print it out as well.

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      > From: L. Lee Saunders [SMTP:saunderl@...]
      > Sent: Monday, March 06, 2000 5:27 AM
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      > Subject: [cc2-dev-l] The DevZone
      > Hello CC2 Developers,
      > I'd just like to take a minute and tell this group that the DevZone is
      > about you.  What you want to do with CC2 and how you can accomplish
      > it. 
      > So tell me, what would you like to learn?  Do you want to create an XP
      > to draw spirals?  Do you want to write a Random Name Generator that
      > through Intercom lets you place random names directly into CC2?  Do
      > you have data outside CC2, like a 3D star chart that you would like to
      > automatically import into CC2 by having your program write a script? 
      > Do you have a graphics program that you've written and you would like
      > it to be able to output an FCW file?
      > Tell me what your plans are and I'll try to mold my tutorials around
      > your efforts!
      > BTW do not think of these different ways to automate CC2 in a vacuum
      > because you gain the greatest amount of power by combining these
      > styles.
      > L. Lee Saunders
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