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Re: Lognormal distribution

Hi Farzad, That’s a good (and common) question. The reason that you are seeing this difference is that in Crystal Ball, the ‘default’ lognormal
Huybert Groenendaal
Mar 22

Lognormal distribution

Dear All, The fit distribution to my data is a lognormal with mean of 21.99 and standard dev. of 34.97. Crystal ball shows that the cumulative probability for
Farzad Ghodoosi
Mar 18

Re: Extreme speed...not so extreme?

(how I wish there was an edit function here) In the CB documentation, there is a list of the functions you shouldn't use. Indirect is a big no-no.
Feb 27

Re: Extreme speed...not so extreme?

It does slow things down if you have non-compliant equations that use volatile functions. Besides, They never said the extreme was n the fast side now did
Feb 27

Extreme speed...not so extreme?

All, In my experience, running OptQuest simulations using the "extreme speed" option appears to slow things down significantly compared to when I check the
Feb 27

Re: Trouble extracting OptQuest data...

Huybert, We've been doing the first part of your response (i.e., running 50K, then plugging in the best solution as the starting point of a new 50K run), but
Jeff Jensen
Feb 23

Re: Trouble extracting OptQuest data...

Hi Jeff, I would think that running 50K iterations with only 40 decision variable should be more than enough to achieve near optimal solutions. I'm not too
Feb 23

Re: Trouble extracting OptQuest data...

Hi Jeff, Getting more memory could indeed help. However, another simple option that you could try is to run the optimization for 50,000 iteration, and after it
Huybert Groenendaal
Feb 23

Re: Trouble extracting OptQuest data...

Any possibility of adding more memory?
Feb 23

Re: CB Error Message

Kinda, I send a reply about this problem to your email address. Did you receive it? -Eric W.
Feb 23

Trouble extracting OptQuest data...

Hi, I'm running a deterministic optimization through OptQuest that involves 3 objectives, 40 decision variables, and 2 constraints. The model works well if I
Feb 23

CB Error Message

Hello I am new to Crystal Ball and I am receiving the error message below. Can you please assist? Load errors for worksheet: '[2016.12.16 - KB Final
Kinda Baker
Feb 23

Re: Digest Number 1419

Hi Daniel, Thank you for the question. It sounds like you're working on an employee-stock options valuation model with different vesting schemes. Simulating
Huybert Groenendaal
Jan 16

Daily Share Price Forecasting Question

This is my first post, so I appreciate any input. I have been utilizing Crystal Ball to forecast share prices based on defined inputs, including: term,
Jan 13

Re: Updating and Using an Existing Crystal Ball Model

Hi Greg. Welcome to the forum. If you created new assumptions, the correlations would have been entered on the assumption window. There is a Correlate button
Nov 30, 2016
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