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One effective, non-violent way to oppose terrorism

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  • Robert Waldrop
    Catholic Workers don t necessarily need this advice, I think we tend to be in conservation mode as a matter of lifestyle. But this could be good for others,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2002
      Catholic Workers don't necessarily need this advice, I think we tend
      to be in conservation mode as a matter of lifestyle. But this could
      be good for others, still caught in consumerism, to perhaps help them
      begin to want to break free of their consumerist chains.

      Robert Waldrop, OKC

      Patriots' Energy Pledge Campaign Launched on the Internet

      Americans Resolved to Save a Million of Barrels of Oil
      to Aid War Effort and Prompt Automakers to do their Part

      American looking for a patriotic New Years' Resolution that will help
      the war on terrorism, clean the environment, and save you money - all
      at the same time will find it at a new Internet web site being
      launched today. Beginning January 1st, 2002, www.SaveaBarrel.org will
      be the Internet home of the Patriot's Energy Pledge.

      Created by a volunteer group of energy experts in response to
      September 11th tragedy. The Pledge offers every American driver a way
      to reduce our national dependence on oil in the coming year. Through
      energy-saving steps pledged on-line, individuals can strengthen our
      national security by personally using less oil to meet their needs in
      smarter ways - and inspire others to do the same.

      "The initial goal of the www.SaveaBarrel.org website in 2002 is to
      attract energy-saving pledges equaling a million barrels of oil," said
      Rob Stuart, the Campaign Director. "Everyone will know when that goal
      has been reached, because the oil-saving impact of individual pledge
      actions, such as maintaining correct tire pressure and using
      low-friction oil, is added up and displayed on the website."

      By pledging to buy as their next vehicle a much more fuel-efficient
      one, these energy patriots will inspire automakers to market a
      complete line of safe and comfortable vehicles which will travel twice
      as far on a gallon of gas - a 40 mpg goal which some models already
      meet using proven "gasoline-electric hybrid" technology.

      According to the www.SaveaBarrel.org web site, having the average car
      achieve the 40 mpg patriotic goal would save as much oil as the U.S.
      imports from the Persian Gulf (13% of total oil consumed in the U.S.),
      and resume the successful energy conservation campaign begun in
      response to the 1973 oil embargo, which lead automakers then to double
      per gallon mileage.

      "Our goal is to reduce the use of oil from all sources, both foreign
      and domestic, for we know that the U.S., which has only 3% of world
      oil reserves but consumes 25% of world oil production, cannot drill
      its way to oil independence, even if every potential oil deposit in
      America were tapped," said Larry Rockefeller, a lawyer and co-founder
      of the Patriot's Energy Pledge.

      "Meanwhile, our nation will continue to be vulnerable to price spikes,
      supply disruptions and foreign policy constraints like its support for
      Saudi Arabia, home of the hijackers and a regime that teaches
      intolerance and represses women," he concluded. Instead, the
      SaveaBarrel.org web site points to the vast savings of oil possible
      through fuel-efficient vehicles, the use of renewable fuels (like
      biofuel ethanol) as an increasing substitute for oil, and the
      development of advanced fuel cell vehicles for the future that do not
      use oil at all.

      "As automakers invest in this business opportunity, the economy will
      be boosted and new jobs created," said Peter Fox-Penner, an energy
      economist and co-founder of the Patriot's Energy Pledge. "The
      efficient vehicles they sell will also help clean the air, stabilize
      the global climate, and preserve natural landmarks which some propose
      to drill. And by reducing dependence on vulnerable oil pipelines with
      energy-efficient vehicles that no terrorist can take away, national
      security will be further strengthened."

      "There's no better way to support the war against terrorism than to
      reduce your use of oil," concluded Stuart. "We're urging Americans to
      take the Patriot's Energy Pledge as their New Year's Resolution in
      order to increase our national security."

      The Pledge campaign is a project of the American Conservation
      Association and was developed by Peter Fox-Penner and Larry
      Rockefeller working with energy experts, economists, environmentalists
      and corporate volunteers, including Ruben Aronin, Bill Holmberg,
      Melanie Kenderdine, Ron Minsk, Dave Nemtzow and Ed Osann. For more
      information about the campaign please see www.saveabarrel.org or
      contact Rob Stuart, the campaign director at rstuart@...
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