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four years ago

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  • Robert Waldrop
    I have been in some kind of email purgatory and was not able to send this yesterday. Jesu Juva! Four years ago the Oscar Romero Catholic Worker House was
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 1, 2003
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      I have been in some kind of email purgatory and was not able to send
      this yesterday.

      Jesu Juva!

      Four years ago the Oscar Romero Catholic Worker House was founded, on
      the feast of St. Martha, July 29th, 1999. I spent that evening at the
      hospital emergency room with Sean and prayed the Rosary while waiting.
      We had a lot of ideas and plans, some things worked out, others
      didn't, and I'm sure there are more new and unusual things to come.

      I've been wanting to write a commemoration all week, but we are trying
      to launch our *local food order delivery service, and my mind has been
      preoccupied with working on those details. Plus I've been picking
      elderberries, peaches, grapes, and sunflowers. And trying to finish
      my book, which is an extended reflection on Catholic social teaching,
      simple and frugal living, and the need for orthopraxis that reflects
      our orthodoxy. I am nearing 50,000 words on the subject, and it seems
      to be going well. Maybe I finally decided I knew what I wanted and
      needed to say. Whether it can find a publisher is another story, but
      I can always self publish it with one of these new instant publishers.
      Or even just put it on the internet and give it away.

      I think one thing fur sure I've learned is that in our utter and
      complete failure and weakness we are nevertheless made strong in the
      Lord. We are always behind, we never can do enough, if ten thousand
      Catholic Workers showed up tomorrow, there wouldn't be enough to do
      all that needs to be done.

      Dorothy Day wrote (and I quoted this in my first email announcement of
      our opening)::

      "What we do here is very little, but it is like the little boy with a
      few loaves and fishes. . .
      Christ took that little and increased it; He will do the rest. What we
      do is so little that we may seem to be constantly failing but, then,
      so did He; He met with apparent failure on the Cross. .unless the seed
      fall into the earth and die, there is not a harvest. And why must we
      see the results of our giving? Our work is to sow; another generation
      will be reaping the harvest."

      And then I quoted these scriptures:

      "Observe what is good, do what is just, for my salvation is about
      to come, my justice about to be revealed. Defend the lowly and
      the fatherless, render justice to the afflicted and needy. Rescue
      the lowly and poor; deliver the oppressed from the hand of the
      oppressor; let not justice be repugnant to you. To the fatherless
      be as a father; and help their mother as a husband would; thus
      will you be like a son to the Most High, and He will be more
      tender to you than a mother.

      "Avoid not those who weep, but mourn with those who mourn,
      neglect not to visit the sick. Do not turn your face away from
      any of the poor. If you have great wealth, give alms out of your
      abundance; if you have but little, distribute even some of that.
      But do not hesitate to give alms, you will be storing up a goodly
      treasure for yourself against the day of adversity. Almsgiving
      frees one from death, and are a worthy offering in the sight of
      the Most High for all who give them.

      "Religion that is pure and undefiled before God and the Father is
      this: to care for orphans and widows in their affliction and to
      keep oneself unstained by the world. The one who has compassion
      on the poor lends to the Lord, and He will repay him for his good
      deed. I say to you, what you have done to one of these least
      ones, you have done to Me."

      I also included this "easy essay" by Peter Maurin, who with Dorothy
      Day founded the Catholic Worker movement:

      What the Catholic Worker Believes
      An easy essay by Peter Maurin

      1. The Catholic Worker believes
      in the gentle personalism
      of traditional Catholicism.

      2. The Catholic Worker believes
      in the personal obligation
      of looking after
      the needs of our brother.

      3. The Catholic Worker believes
      in the daily practice
      of the Works of Mercy.

      4. The Catholic Worker believes
      in Houses of Hospitality
      for the immediate relief
      of those who are in need.

      5. The Catholic Worker believes
      in the establishment
      of Farming Communes
      where each one works
      according to his ability
      and gets according to his need.

      6. The Catholic Worker believes
      in creating a new society
      within the shell of the old
      with the philosophy of the new,
      which is not a new philosophy
      but a very old philosophy,
      a philosophy so old
      that it looks like new.

      And you know something? Four years later, I still want to cry when I
      read these words.

      It's hot, really hot, usually in the summer I want to quit, hehehe,
      but I know that is a foolish thought. There is a certain liberation
      in knowing that you can't do everything, because when you know that,
      you are free to find something, or somethings, which you can do and do

      We are still making this up as we go along, and I am grateful for the
      companions who are part of this journey and this community, Marcus
      and Teresa Evans, Lou Ann Baty, Art and Marianne Mertens, Kathy Smith,
      Becky Hardin and her kids, Phil Evans, Will Chiafino, Sean Kay, the
      people at Epiphany and St. Charles parishes who give us food and money
      and stuff to give away, and then of course there are friends and
      supporters we know from the internet, you know who you are, and so
      does God, and the folks who have stopped by for a visit, including the
      heroes from Creighton who come each year during their Spring break.
      Art btw was just arrested at the governor's office protesting
      Oklahoma's increasingly frequent recourse to the death penalty. My
      godson Joshua Thomason is in Ireland stirring up "trouble" in the name
      of peace and justice. I consider him to be a "missionary" of our

      and of course there are the people we help, who are also part of our
      community. Steve, a man who lives on the streets in downtown OKC,
      worried about radioactive rats. Pauline, an elderly woman living
      alone in this neighborhood, the folks at Wesley Village, Southwood,
      the Towers, the Bell Air Apartments (senior citizen and disabled
      public housing projects), Geneva Williams who just had her foot
      amputated, the people of Walnut Grove that we have walked with since
      that very first year. There is Theresa, a single mom with a bunch of
      kids, last anyone heard of her she and the kids were walking down a
      street with a suitcase after being evicted. There's another Steve,
      living with AIDS and a chip on his shoulder so big it bumps into
      everyone he meets, the day after we started this Catholic Worker
      house, he knocked on the door and asked for a meal. he's another one
      we haven't heard from in a long time. So long I wonder what has
      happened to him. Probably I will never know. There are a lot of
      those kind of loose ends in Catholic Workerism. Things don't get
      wrapped up neatly and concluded. they just go on and on and on,
      sometimes they get a bit worse, sometimes they get a lot worse, and
      sometimes things get a little better.

      Well, we are still here, doing what we can, with what we have, where
      we are. We are grateful to all for their prayers, for the many
      donations of time, money, groceries, and "stuff" that make it possible
      for us to do what we do. There is a lot more to be done, and it isn't
      always clear what is next, but somehow we manage to muddle through,
      and I expect by the grace of God we will continue to do the same. All
      I can say about all this is, ad majorem Dei gloriam!

      On the feast of St. Ignatius, 2003,

      Robert Waldrop
      Oscar Romero Catholic Worker Community
      1524 NW 21st
      Oklahoma City, OK 73106
      405 557 0436
      405 613 4688
    • layne adams
      Hi, I am pretty new here but I have been lurking for a while and thought I should introduce myself. My name is Layne Adams and I have been a fan of Dorothy
      Message 2 of 2 , Aug 1, 2003
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        I am pretty new here but I have been lurking for a while and thought I should introduce myself. My name is Layne Adams and I have been a fan of Dorothy Day for several years. In fact, I was pretty seriously opposed to Christianity before my husband told me about her and I read The Long Loneliness. Then I saw that a faith could embody the convictions God had given me from a young age and converted to the Church. I was twenty at the time. Soon after that I heard a report about the abuses of the Ogoni people by Shell oil and decided to stop driving. It was hard but after weaning myself off over several years I have spent three years carfree and discovered the joy of moving meditation and prayer through that experience. These few things really define me as a person I guess. I am from Ft Worth and I think that I am called to start a CW house there but will know it's true and not just pride when I am in a position to start trying which may be a while because after I was diagnosed
        with a chronic liver disease my husband enlisted in the army for the health insurance. So a few years later here we are, him in Baghdad, me in Germany, both praying that he not kill or injure anyone while there. It is really hard and I feel a lot of guilt over what he felt he had to do to take care of me but at this point it his his call whether to stay in or get out and all I can do is pray to find a way.

        I have been reluctant to post here because of the military thing but I am a lifelong pacifist and feel that I can help share peace even on an army post so I try to volunteer for things that allow me to do that (religious ed teacher, children's storytime, etc.).

        So that's me and I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to learn from you by lurking and reading and please pray with me that my husband not harm anyone while he is where he is.

        Thank you.

        layne adams

        The faith not only consists of believing with the head but of giving oneself with the heart and the life.
        ~Monsenor Oscar Romero

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