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Our spiritual assistant arrested and charge...

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    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 25, 2002
      > Our spiritual assistant arrested and charged for living the
      > beatitudes
      > Hi-I wanted to inform the region that, in case you hadn't heard, one of the
      > co-spiritual assistants of the San Damiano Fraternity, Sr. Dorothy Pagosa,
      > SSJ-TOSF, was arrested during a prayer vigil while " joining 98 others in
      > stepping on to the base at Ft. Benning to try to bring prayer and peace to
      > the School of the Americas. "
      > I asked Sr. Dorothy if I could write about this in the San Damiano
      > newsletter, and she kindly wrote the following for me. I want to share it
      > with you-her trial date is set for January 27, and it is my hope that the
      > whole region will be praying for her, since she faces a possible huge fine
      > and imprisonment. Let us arm her with our prayers, the prayers of our
      > families, the prayers of all our loving intercessors in heaven, and
      > certainly every soul any of us have ever sprung from purgatory, as Sr.
      > Dorothy is persecuted (and prosecuted) for the sake of righteousness.
      > It is probably too late for your December newsletter, but maybe it could be
      > mentioned in the January newsletter, as the date of her trial approaches-
      > With love and peace and all good to you all,
      > Kathleen Swan, Secretary, San Damiano Fraternity
      > "The Western Hemispheric Institute for Security Cooperation (the renamed
      > School of the Americas) has been teaching soldiers from Latin and Central
      > America methods for counterinsurgency warfare for years. Graduates of this
      > school have been involved in some of the worst human rights abuses in the
      > Western Hemisphere (according to U.N.
      > Truth
      > Commission on El Salvador and Human Rights Watch). Graduates have been
      > tied
      > to the assassinations of Archbishop Oscar Romero, the four churchwomen, the
      > six Jesuits their housekeeper and her daughter and 700 people in the
      > village
      > of El Mozote. Currently the largest number of students come from Colombia.
      > Some of the worst human rights abuses are currently happening in Colombia.
      > This does not suprise those of us involved in this issue.
      > St. Francis once said "Preach constantly and if necessary use words." (I'm
      > sure I'm paraphrasing here.) I preached on Sunday November 17 by joining
      > 98
      > others in stepping on to the base at Ft. Benning to try to bring prayer and
      > peace to the School of the Americas. We 98 (which included 9 sisters, 1
      > priest, lots of wonderful young people and other human rights activists)
      > were arrested and sent to the Muskogee County jail where I spent two nights
      > in solitary confinement until released on bond on Tuesday, November 19.
      > We have a trial date set for January 27 (could take at least a week for the
      > trial). The maximum sentence for this misdemeanor charge is six months in
      > prison and a $5000 fine. I am preparing to receive the maximum since I
      > have
      > gone onto the base several times. I am fine. Everything that has happened
      > truly pales in comparison to what people in Latin and Central America have
      > had to endure at the hands of the graduates of this infamous school.
      > Please tell your congresspeople the stories and ask them to vote to close
      > the SOA/WHISC.
      > Peace and All Good,
      > Sr. Dorothy Pagosa, SSJ-TOSF"

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