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Re: [cathworker] Introduction from a Friend of the CW

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  • Kimberly
    Rosalie, I m sorry for taking so long to reply to your welcoming post but I haven t been spending alot of time on-line lately. I recently bought a house and
    Message 1 of 6 , Sep 15, 2006
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      I'm sorry for taking so long to reply to your welcoming post but I
      haven't been spending alot of time on-line lately. I recently bought
      a house and am slowly working on some "do it yourself" home

      I think I would like to visit several CW's in the region. Perhaps
      start with Duluth, the Anathoth Community Farm, and the ones located
      in Saginaw and Detroit. I would love to attend the gathering in Iowa
      in October, but I will be down in Texas visiting family. I went to
      the website you posted and it sounds like it will be an amazing
      experience for those attending. Are you still involved with the
      Worker in Evanston?

      Take care and thanks for welcoming me to the group!


      --- In cathworker@yahoogroups.com, "Rosalie Riegle" <riegle@...>
      > Hi Kimberly! I'm one of the co-founders of both the Mustard Seed
      and the Jeannine Coalalier CW in Saginaw. I've moved to Evanston
      now, but I know they'd both love to hear from you. As would the
      Duluth CW or any Worker house. You'll find we're a pretty friendly
      bunch, and vry diverse, as Mike and others have said.
      > Why not check out the Des Moines CW website
      (desmoinescathollicworker.org) and learn about our national
      gathering, planned for October 19-21 in Iowa.
      > These affairs happen rarely and attneding this one would give you a
      real feel for a variety of Catholic Workers.
      > History says don't hope
      > on this side of the grave
      > But then, once in a lifetime
      > The longed-for tidal wave
      > of justice can rise up,
      > and hope and history rhyme.
      > Seamus Heaney, The Cure at Troy
      > I thank Michael McConnell, AFSC Great Lakes Regional
      > Director for alerting me to these beautiful lines at the
      > Evanston Cindy Sheehan event.
      > >>> "Michael Fiala" <micfiala@...> 08/20/06 19:05 PM >>>
      > Welcome, Kimberly,
      > i mostly just listen in the discussions on this listserv. But i
      > want your introduction to go unnoticed for too long.
      > The variety of Catholic worker communities is as wide as the
      > of Peter Maurin and Dorothy Day, or the Spirit's, i suppose. I just
      > visited the Los Angeles Catholic Worker (
      http://lacatholicworker.org/ )
      > for 5 days and have been part of the Cleveland CAtholic Worker for
      > years or 10 years depending on computation. They are like distant
      > cousins or siblings of the same spiritual parentage.
      > The Long loneliiness is a great introduction to Dorothy Day's
      story, but
      > it sounds like you've read enough so you know as much. I love Peter
      > Maurin's Easy Essays - pithy and didactic that reminds one that
      > repetition is the key to pedagogy or somesuch.
      > Somewhere there is the famous quote in her autobiography about the
      > loneliness finding its comfort in community and the breaking of
      bread, I
      > think. How Emmaus-like. It is true for many of us.
      > I particularly have been shaken by Dorothy Day's September 1945
      > reflection on the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. It was a powerful
      > in a time of painful silence.
      > On finding a community/house to support, good luck. There is nothing
      > like being connected directly to a community. It will/can transform
      > understanding and life 10-, 30-, a 100-fold.
      > Mike
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      > Hello everyone,
      > My name is Kimberly and I live in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of
      > Michigan.
      > I finally did a search tonight for a Catholic Worker discussion
      > and
      > decided to join as soon as I found this one listed at the Oklahoma
      > website.
      > I have been drawn to the Catholic Worker for quite some time now.
      I'm in
      > the
      > middle of reading Dorothy Day's autobiography and have read a great
      > of
      > her writings at the CW page. I did some research recently and
      > upon an
      > old paulist.org site that listed a hospitality house in the city of
      > Marquette
      > where I work. Unfortunately, it's no longer in existence and
      > hasn'
      > t been for quite some time. The closest CW's in my state are in
      > and
      > Saginaw, cities that are hundreds of miles away. I figure I will
      try to
      > find a
      > way to support them despite the distance.
      > I look forward to getting to know many of you and learning more
      > the CW
      > along the way.
      > Take care,
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      > More information about the Catholic Worker movement may be found
      online at http://www.catholicworker.org .
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