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2439"Lest we forget!" Fwd: AD June 28, 1914, May they all rest in peace by the mercy of God, who is love

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  • Bob Waldrop
    Jun 28, 2014
      Below is a reflection from fr. Emmanuel Charles McCarthy on the 100th
      anniversary of the shot that started World War I.'

      Bob Waldrop, Romero House, OKC

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      Subject: AD June 28, 1914, May they all rest in peace by the mercy of
      God, who is love
      Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2014 07:32:37 -0400
      From: Emmanuel Charles McCarthy <emmanuel222@...>
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      100 years ago today, on June 28,1914, an Orthodox Christian man, Gavrilo
      Princip, shot and killed a Catholic Christian man, Franz Ferdinand in
      Sarajevo. This lit the fuse that the arms dealers, called ‘the merchants
      of death’ after the war, had been trying to light for some time. A
      feverish frenzy of mutual homicidal violence and destruction, on a scale
      never before seen, began to engulf Europe. World War I had commenced.

      Approximately 65 million combatants fought in Word War I, each of whom
      was the precious and beloved child of some mother or father, each of
      whom was deceived by the rulers of their states and their Churches to
      believe that what they were embarking upon was a holy war for God and
      country. Bishops, priests and minister on all sides blessed, in the name
      of Jesus, their choice to do their manly duty in spreading the heinous
      conflagration of World War I.

      *Central Powers: 22,850,000*

      Germany - 11,000,000

      Austria-Hungary - 7,800,000

      Ottoman Empire - 2,850,000

      Bulgaria - 1,200,000

      *Allied Powers: 42,632,000 *

      Russia - 12,000,000

      British Empire - 8,904,000

      France - 8,410,000

      Italy - 5,615,000

      United States - 4,744,000

      Japan - 800,000

      Romania - 740,000

      Serbia - 707,000

      Belgium - 267,000

      Greece - 230,000

      Portugal - 65,000

      Montenegro - 50,000

      With the exception of the Ottoman Empire all the nations on both sides
      in this campaign of mass human slaughter and destruction were ruled by
      Christians and had majority Christian populations.

      These were the Christians who in 1914-1918 were "our heroes." They are
      all now dead. Each is now where he wanted to put the enemy a hundred
      years ago—in the grave. So, where are they now besides the grave?
      Heaven? Hell? Are they now? Who cares now? Who will ever care? But "our
      heroes" of today, 2014, will never be forgotten! They will forever live
      in glory in the hearts and minds of future generations. What
      claptrap!//This is just the ancient deceitful patriotic and military
      propaganda ploy used to snookers young people into laying down their
      lives, their sanity, their health, their time, their family, the truth
      taught by Jesus and their consciences for the “state,” and to abandon
      themselves to the whims and wishes and interests and orders of the local
      economic, military and political titans.

      Starting on this date, a hundred years ago, sixty-five million human
      beings, mostly Baptized Christians, fell for this lie and went the way
      of achieving everlasting glory by killing, terrorizing, torturing and
      maiming tens upon tens of millions of their fellow human beings and
      fellow Christians—with Jesus as their spiritual support person. These
      Christian went from glory to glory via homicidal violence in the Verdun,
      at the Somme, in Ypres, to name but a few stops on the glory road "our
      heroes" traveled between 1914-1918.

      Of course such a road to glory would have been considered asinine by any
      sane follower of Jesus, if the states and the institutional Churches had
      not unrelentingly worked together to craft from the cradle the minds and
      souls of children, through the glorification of militarism, into the lie
      that the road to glory lay not in unconditional fidelity to the Way of
      the Nonviolent King of Glory, Jesus, but rather in unconditional
      obedience to the way to glory as taught by the entrenched sociopaths at
      the top of the economic, political, military and church institutions of
      their individual tribes. Such brain washing was so successful because
      the Churches' leaders cooperated fully in hardwiring into children the
      absurdity that the way to glory as taught by the local big shots was the
      same way to glory as the Way of Jesus. And, as Voltaire with prophetic
      clarity observed hundreds of years earlier, /"Those who can make you
      believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." /As history makes
      clear, holy atrocities, Christlike atrocities, as a way to everlasting
      glory were the bread and butter of WW I. But, there is nothing new here!
      Atrocities root in absurdities is Constantinian Christianity has engaged
      in since it came on stage as a faux witness to Jesus and His Way
      seventeen hundred years ago.

      Below is a photo of the grave of Gavrilo Princip at St. Mark’s Orthodox
      Serbian Cemetery in Sarajevo. As noted above he is the man who fired the
      first shot in the deranged orgy of homicidal violence that left fourteen
      million human beings dead and thirty-seven million human beings maimed
      in a four years period. The cenotaph at the grave was erected in 1914 by
      the Orthodox Community of St. Mark’s to honor Gavrilo Princip and his
      fellow assassins, most of whom were executed in 1914. The marker at the
      gravesite reads, /Heroes of Vidovdan./Vidovdan is a Serbian Orthodox
      religious holiday in honor of St. Vitus, whose feast day is June 28.

      Such are the glories of Constantinian Christianity Orthodox style. But
      Catholic and Protestant Christianity matched in infidelity and in blood
      the glories of Orthodox Christianity during World War I. The most famous
      Protestant preacher in the United States at the time was Billy Sunday.
      He pretty much summed up Protestant infidelity to the Jesus of the
      Gospels and His Teaching during WW I by exciting crowds of Christians to
      a fever pitch with such evocative sound bites as, /“I tell you brothers
      and sisters, //it is [Kaiser] Bill against Woodrow, Germany against
      America, Hell against Heaven."/

      The American Catholic Church leadership jumped in to do its part in
      plowing under the road to glory approved and taught by Jesus. On April
      18, 1917, Cardinal Gibbons, the Archbishop of Baltimore, wrote in a
      letter to President Woodrow Wilson, which is signed not only by him but
      also by all the other U.S. Archbishops. It reads, /“We are all true
      Americans …//Inspired by the holy sentiments of truest patriotic fervor
      and zeal, we stand ready, we and all the flock committed to our keeping,
      to cooperate in everyway possible with our President and our national
      government, to the end that the great and holy cause of liberty may
      triumph. Our people, as ever, will rise as one man to serve the nation.”
      /Cardinal Gibbons, on the threshold of the U.S. entrance into the
      demented hellhole of WWI in 1917, continually and sternly told Catholics
      that when war is declared/“the duty of a citizen [is] absolute and
      unreserved obedience to his country’s call.”///

      In England during WW I the notion of a Christian duty to fight in
      homicidal warfare was nearly universal among the Anglican clergy. Those
      expressing Christian pacifism as a possible alternative were virtually
      nonexistent during the war. In fact, academic history is unable to find
      a single man who had taken Anglican Orders who denounced the war for the
      reasons traditionally put forth by those who believed that Jesus was
      nonviolent and commanded a Way of Nonviolent love of friends and enemies
      for His disciples. However, the theology that it was a Christian duty to
      fight for /God and King/was all but universal among Anglican clergy and
      their congregations.

      In 1915 the Anglican Bishop of London, Arthur Winnington-Ingram, called
      for the men of England to /“band in a great crusade -we cannot deny it-
      to kill Germans. To kill them, not for the sake of killing, but to save
      the world; to kill the good as well as the bad; to kill the young men as
      well as the old, to kill those who have showed kindness to our wounded
      as well as those fiends who crucified the Canadian sergeant, who
      superintended the Armenian massacres, who sank the Lusitania… and to
      kill them/

      /lest the civilization of the world should itself be killed.”/His
      Excellency went further, giving the war a crusading touch the equal of
      Billy Sunday’s, by adding, /“As I have said a thousand times, I look
      upon it as a war for purity, I look upon everyone who dies in it as a

      In France belief that Germany was an amoral nation unified not only
      French Catholics, but also the nation as a whole, and it gave the
      country a moral obligation to win the war. Modris Eksteins wrote
      /“French clergymen dressed Jesus in khaki and had him firing machine
      guns. The war became one not of justice but of righteousness. To kill
      Germans was to purge the world of the Antichrist…and to herald the New

      In Germany the pulpits and the Christians were inebriated on the same
      drug of self righteous, homicidal Constantinian Christian violence as
      were their enemies in France, England, Russia and the United States.

      *Adolf Hitler at a rally in the Munich Odeonsplatz to celebrate the
      declaration of war, August 2, 1914. It is the great deception of evil
      that it convinces people that once they choose it, they can control it.*

      How blind must the blindness have been of those Christian prelates of
      distinction—and of no distinction—who believed they could serve two
      masters, Jesus and a nation engaged in a glorious homicidal orgy? How
      terrible that they used their office to pied-pipered millions of
      mothers’ son down the garden path to physical, mental, moral and
      spiritual destruction—and all in the name of Jesus.

      In summing up why he wrote his most recent book, /The Great and Holy
      War: World War I a Religious Crusade, /Philip Jenkins says,

      /“The most important thing is to understand what shapes the world’s
      modern religious history. This story is important for any efforts at
      interreligious dialogue and understanding. Westerners today often assume
      that Islam is some dark militaristic doomsday cult because of its
      willingness to support armed violence, but just a hundred years ago,
      Christian nations were doing very much the same thing. We don’t have to
      go back to the Crusades to find eerie parallels among Christians to the
      jihadi mind set.”/

      I would add that Christianity today does not even have to go as far back
      as World War I to find such parallels. Today’s newspaper, secular or
      Christian, will reveal both a latent and active Christian jihadi mindset
      among ecclesiastics and laity, for those who have eyes to see and a mind
      to understand.

      In fairness, before concluding this reflection on WW I, it should be
      specifically noted that Pope Benedict XV (1914-1923) subordinated
      everything to the moral and evangelical condemnation of war. In language
      that other Popes have reserved for the Mafia, Benedict XV said to the
      heads of nations and the world at large,“/The rulers of the peoples
      should be satisfied with the ruin already wrought.”/To everyone he
      proclaimed, /“You are children of the same Father in Heaven.” /In a
      public Mass at St. Peter’s in July of 1916 at which five thousand
      children received their First Holy Communion, Benedict XV said to the
      children and to the world, /“You know, my children, how for two long
      years men who were once innocent and affectionate like you, and are so
      no longer, have been tearing each other apart and killing each other…
      May God spare you and your household and the entire world from
      this.”/But alas, what he said and what he called for, /“Peace without
      victory,”/the economic, political and military elites on all side, as
      well as, all clergy on all sides utterly ignored, even his own Catholic
      bishops and priests.

      Your blessing priest, make haste!

      For we have no time to waste;

      We must be dying, dying, dying,

      Our Emperor’s greatness glorifying!

      -Bertolt Brecht (Germany, 1917)

      /“To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant
      struggle,”/writes George Orwell. One would think that the carnage and
      agony of World War I, produced and suffered by mostly Christians, would
      awaken the leadership of the Churches to the fact that it is
      preposterous and monstrous for them to maintain that war, and the acts
      that war requires, are consistent with the teaching of Jesus, with the
      Will and Way of God as reveled by Jesus in the Gospels, with following
      Jesus, with fidelity to Jesus, with loving Jesus. But, it didn’t and it
      hasn’t! Why does this depravity, of Churches justifying their
      communicants participating in war as a way of following Jesus, still
      find a welcoming abode in the institutional Churches and in the hearts
      of their leaders? This is a mystery, a mystery only a scintilla short of
      the mystery of evil itself.

      On June 28, 1914, a Christian man killed another Christian man and
      woman. His Church honors him as a hero for his homicidal deed on behalf
      of the local Christians. Nothing new here! Christians and Churches have
      done the same things ten of millions of times during the last seventeen
      centuries. Open the newspaper for June 28, 2014, and you will find one
      or many reports of the same charade of glory and faithful discipleship.

      I will leave the second last word in this reflection on the hundredth
      anniversary of the culturally accepted date for the beginning of World
      War I to Jonathan Dyson, who lived a hundred years before World War I in
      England. He was a Quaker, who wrote a few well thought out monographs on
      Christian pacifism and the way of peace. The following is from his /An
      Inquiry into the Accordancy of War/:

      /“It is the will of God that war be eventually abolished and
      Christianity is the means by which this is to occur. Christianity with
      its present principle and obligations is to produce universal peace. It
      is because we violate the principle of religion, because we are not what
      they require us to be, that wars continue.”/

      The last word belongs to the Word, Jesus:

      /As He drew near and saw the city, he wept over it, saying, “If only
      this day you knew what makes for peace” /(Lk 19:41-42)

      -Emmanuel Charles McCarthy

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