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Stop $4.6 Billion to pro-death, Anti-FOCA focus + 5 more Pro-Life actions.......

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  • Mike Coppi
    Stop $4.6 Billion to pro-death, Anti-FOCA focus + 5 more Pro-Life actions....... + Opportunities to RESIST liberalism at bottom Subj: Effort to dissuade
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 8, 2009
      Stop $4.6 Billion to pro-death, Anti-FOCA focus + 5 more Pro-Life
      + Opportunities to RESIST liberalism at bottom

      Subj: Effort to dissuade Obama's abortion stance
      To donate to this project, click on:
      http://tinyurl.com/98wlxq or http://preview.tinyurl.com/98wlxq
      Help 'Catholic Answers Action' print an ?Open Letter? in the 01/21/09
      national edition of USA Today will cost urging Obama to be more
      amenable to the Culture of Life (more details further below).
      Source URL: -


      6 Separate and Important Pro-Life Petitions below [details further below]:

      1........... STOP the Abortion on Demand Act!
      htto://tinyurl.com/82cg73 or
      Source URL

      2...... STOP $4.6 BILLION TO ABORTION INDUSTRY: http://www.stopp.org/

      Go to: http://tinyurl.com/7zpv96 or Go to: http://tinyurl.com/3pnxdv
      http://preview.tinyurl.com/7zpv96 or
      Source URL -


      Leave "Remember me" box checked to easily complete further forms.........
      After completing Anti-Bailout letter, go to "Take Action" at upper
      right of page and select "Contact Congress" for more Pro-Life Petitions.

      4...................Sign the Fight FOCA Petition:
      Stop President-Elect Barack Obama?s promise to expand abortion.

      5 ............. U.S. Federal Human Life Amendment Petition:

      6 ........ Declaration of Human Rights Protecting Unborn:


      Details of Petition 1......... http://preview.tinyurl.com/82cg73

      Complete a short form to automatically send an e-mail to your 2 State
      Senators voicing your opposition to the proposed ?Abortion on Demand? Act.

      In the Senate and House, the ?Abortion on Demand? Act will overturn
      the ban on partial birth abortion and go further than Roe v. Wade to
      enshrine abortion on demand into law. Introduced as the innocent
      sounding Freedom of Choice Act, this act would:
      a. Overturn the ban on the gruesome partial-birth abortion procedure
      b. Overturn laws that restrict taxpayer funding of abortions.
      c. Nullify all pro-life laws on the federal and state level.
      d. Insist that insurance companies pay for abortions
      e. Force doctors, nurses, hospitals, and other health-care providers
      to perform and pay for abortions ? even if they are morally opposed to


      Details of Petition 2......... http://www.stopp.org/

      Abortion industry asks Obama for billions

      A major abortion provider wants taxpayers to fork over more money,
      even while the economy is down.
      Over 50 pro-abortion groups have submitted a 55-page wish list
      called"Advancing Reproductive Rights and Health in a New
      Administration" to the incoming Obama administration. Jim Sedlak of
      American Life League's (ALL) Stop Planned Parenthood, or
      Stopp International, http://www.stopp.org/ has tallied the cost.

      "They want unfettered abortion. They want the government paying
      forall of its programs," he contends. "In fact, [if] you total up
      everything that they've asked Obama for, Planned Parenthood and their
      friends want the taxpayers to give them $4.6 billion next year."

      According to an ALL press release, the document requests $700 million
      to fund Title X, $900 million for international "family planning"
      programs,and additional millions for STD and sex education programs.
      Putting it under a microscope, Sedlak says the request is shocking
      when there are people onthe streets looking for an income.


      Details of Petition 3......... http://preview.tinyurl.com/7zpv96

      Complete a short form to automatically send an e-mail to your 2 State
      Senators voicing your opposition to the proposed "Abortion Bailout

      Abortion groups have submitted their 50 page proposal to the
      Obama-Biden transition team. At the top of the list? More taxpayer
      dollars for abortion organizations like Planned Parenthood. How much
      more? Over 1.5 billion dollars more!


      Details of Petition 4......... http://www.fightfoca.com

      Americans United for Life (AUL) , a pro-life law and policy
      organization, has prepared an analysis of the "Freedom of Choice Act."
      Please click here to read AUL Vice President &Legal Director Denise
      Burke?s analysis of this horrendous legislation .
      The Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) would eliminate every restriction on
      abortion nationwide .
      The time to Fight FOCA is now. We can expect a fight over FOCA to
      begin as soon as the next Congress begins.


      Details of Petition 5......... http://preview.tinyurl.com/6xkl62

      According to the United States Constitution, every "person" is
      entitled to life, liberty and property. Please take time to sign this
      petition to ensure that all of the human lives in our nation are
      protected of that basic right to life.


      Details of Petition 6......... http://preview.tinyurl.com/5xxv4h

      Per http://www.c-fam.org (Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute):
      On December 10th, 2008, radical pro-abortion groups asked the United
      Nation's General Assembly to make abortion a universally recognized
      human right. The Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (C-FAM)
      created a petition drive that calls for government to interpret the
      Universal Declaration of Human Rights as protecting the unborn child
      from abortion.

      Over 400,000 signatures were gathered and presented. See:

      Now, help C-FAM Gather 1 Million Signatures

      C-FAM will now continue the campaign with the goal of presenting
      1,000,000 signatures at the opening of the next session of the General
      Assembly in September 2009.

      Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute
      866 UN Plaza, Suite 495, New York, New York 10017
      Phone: (212) 754-5948 Fax: (212) 754-9291


      Subj: Details on dissuading Obama's abortion stance
      Date: 12/22/2008
      From: Karl Keating, Catholic Answers Action, 1-800-890-0461

      On January 21, 2009, I plan to speak to Barack Obama ? and to millions
      of other Americans ? about Catholic hopes (and expectations) regarding
      our country and its future.

      I plan to do that through a full-page ad in USA Today.

      The ad will be styled ?An Open Letter to President Barack Obama.?

      The regular daily print run of this nationally-distributed newspaper
      is 2.2 million copies. This January 21st the newspaper is planning to
      print an extra 900,000 copies, making 3.1 million copies in all.

      Figuring 2.5 readers per copy, that makes about 8 million people who
      will see my ?Open Letter.?

      ...The ?Open Letter? might be the first step in converting Obama [and
      others] to an authentic culture of life.

      Obama proposes to push for passage of the so-called Freedom of Choice
      Act (FOCA), which would wipe out state and federal restrictions on

      Barack Obama did not win in a landslide. He won no mandate. He got
      only 52 percent of the popular vote... FOCA would turn massive numbers
      of Catholics (and Evangelicals and others) against him and his

      [This and other] positions he has espoused? [embryonic stem cell
      research, euthanasia, gay marriage] are unworthy of anyone who wishes
      to be considered humane.

      After all, there is nothing humane in killing children, in killing the
      elderly or sick, or even in backing some people?s distorted ideas of
      what constitutes marriage.

      I think there is a fair-to-middling chance that, as president, Barack
      Obama may back off from pushing the most extreme measures that he
      endorsed during his campaign, such as FOCA.

      And there is some chance, even if remote, that he too can have a real
      conversion to a culture of life.

      ... A full-page ?Open Letter? in the national edition of USA Today
      will cost $81,328.

      P.S. The ?Open Letter? will be from me to President Obama, but I also
      want him to hear from you directly. I want to send you a pack of 10
      pre-addressed postcards that you, your friends, and your family can
      sign and send directly to the White House.

      These brightly-colored postcards make the point that you are staunch
      supporters of the Church?s teaching on the five non-negotiables:
      Embryonic stem-cell research
      Human cloning
      Homosexual "marriage"
      These five issues are "non-negotiable" when it comes to their moral

      The postcards allow you to add your own comments to our pre-printed

      If my ?Open Letter? is to have its maximum impact, it needs to be
      joined with an avalanche of these postcards going to the White House.

      http://tinyurl.com/98wlxq or http://preview.tinyurl.com/98wlxq
      Help 'Catholic Answers Action' print an ?Open Letter? to Obama
      Source URL: -



      A Coming "War" Between the Obama Administration and the Catholic Church

      By John-Henry Westen

      WASHINGTON, November 19, 2008 (LifeSiteNews.com) - The possible
      signing of the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) by President-Elect Barack
      Obama would be "the equivalent of a war" an unnamed senior Vatican
      official recently told TIME magazine.

      FOCA is a bill that would do away with state laws on abortion,
      including laws mandating parental involvement, or banning partial
      birth abortion. FOCA would also compel taxpayer funding of abortions,
      and, of greatest concern to Bishops, would force faith-based hospitals
      and healthcare facilities to perform abortions.

      Obama has in the past said that he would make signing FOCA one of the
      highest priorities of his presidency.

      Chicago Cardinal Francis George, the current president of the U.S.
      Conference of Catholic Bishops -
      "... FOCA would coerce all Americans into subsidizing and promoting
      abortion with their tax dollars. It would counteract any and all
      sincere efforts by government and others of good will to reduce the
      number of abortions in our country."

      The Cardinal added: "FOCA would have an equally destructive effect on
      the freedom of conscience of doctors, nurses and health care workers
      whose personal convictions do not permit them to cooperate in the
      private killing of unborn children..."

      Catholic League president Bill Donohue - "... were FOCA to become
      law... this would mean the closure of every Catholic hospital in the
      nation: No bishop is going to stand by and allow the federal
      government to dictate what medical procedures must be performed in
      Catholic hospitals. Make no mistake about it, the bishops would shut
      down Catholic hospitals before acquiescing in the intentional killing
      of an innocent child. Were this to happen, it would not only cripple
      the poor, it would cripple the Obama administration."

      Donohue concluded: "It is for reasons like these that the Catholic
      League urges President Bush to move with dispatch in instituting rules
      protecting the religious rights of all health care workers. If Obama
      wants to undo them, it will set up a confrontation he will surely regret."

      See the TIME article:

      See the Cybercast News article:

      Vatican Cardinal James Stafford labeled Obama's anti-life policies as
      "aggressive, disruptive, and apocalyptic," also noting that, "On
      November 4, 2008, America suffered a cultural earthquake" (see
      coverage: http://www.lifesitenews.com/ldn/2008/nov/08111703.html ).

      FOCA would threaten Catholic health care institutions and Catholic
      Charities (see coverage:
      http://www.lifesitenews.com/ldn/2008/nov/08111209.html )


      Obama Vows FOCA for the Bloodthirsty

      ...You needn?t wonder what the first official act of a President Obama
      will be. He?s told us.

      At a national Planned Parenthood fundraiser last year, Obama promised
      members of the billion dollar abortion industry their heart?s desire:
      Unfettered, unrestricted and federally enforced abortionon demand
      throughout all nine months of pregnancy.

      ?Well, the first thing I'd do as president,? an exuberant Obama told
      his fawning like-minded pro-aborts, ?is sign the Freedom of Choice
      Act. That's the first thing that I'd do.?

      What?s the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA)? What would it do?

      Well, contrary to Obama?s disingenuous rhetoric promising to ?reduce
      the number of abortions,? FOCA would ? with one stroke of the pen ?
      remove every commonsense regulation placed on the abortion industry
      over the past three decades.

      Rather than reducing the already astronomical rate of abortions,the
      number would skyrocket ever-upward under an Obama presidency...



      LifeSite News Listing of Articles

      "Obama [promises to] overturn a Bush policy that prevents forcing
      taxpayers to fund groups that perform or promote abortions in other
      countries. Known as the Mexico City Policy and first instituted during
      the Reagan administration, President Bush expanded the policy to make
      sure no State Department funding goes to the pro-abortion groups."

      "Obama has spoken out against the so-called Mexico City Policy, which
      forbids U.S. money from supporting groups overseas that promote or
      perform abortions... No one should be surprised if Obama strikes this
      down on his first day in office and that US money will begin to flow
      again to pro-abortion groups overseas."

      United Nations to Promote Worldwide Abortion Right With Obama
      Let My People Go, AIDS Profiteers

      Obama Orders Will Force Abortion, Embryonic Stem Cell Funding


      (Many links to articles below videos)


      Please go here to Join the Resistance against liberals:

      0_Zero_Out_liberalism : 0_Zero_Out_liberalism
      If the U.S. is to flourish, America must gravitate towards
      Conservative Morals.

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