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  • Marshall, Keith
    Hi Paul, So are you on some kind of mission to christians in the catholic church with the aim of challenging them about their beliefs? What is your church
    Message 1 of 6 , Mar 1, 2006
      Hi Paul,
      So are you on some kind of mission to christians in the catholic church with the aim of challenging them about their beliefs? What is your church affiliation Paul? Your response to whit seems based on a misunderstanding of the christian culture in the catholic church.
      Only God can forgive sin but God works through flesh & blood people to proclaim the gospel in all its facets. And there is an undeniable emplasis on the human component AND delegated authority to forgive sins in the words of Jesus to the apostles & in the book of James ... confess your sins to one another ... Paul .. if you forgive anyone I also forgive (2 Cor 2). Knowing that on papper you are forgiven & hearing someone tell you you are forgiven are complementary.
      I know what your aiming at ... its the idea that faith is placed in people rather than in Jesus or the Father or the Holy Spirt ... I just think you've got it wrong. Faith isn't placed in people (priests ... any more than in any other church group where you might have elders or pastors or leaders) its in what they represent. It can be an enourmous relief to have someone say to you that God loves & forgives you ... even if you already know these things in your head. We are emotional creatures not simply intellectual recipients.
      I think your mails are aimed at a misunderstanding of what catholics believe & at the christian culture in the catholic church. You would do better seeking understanding rather than trying to educate brothers & sisters in Christ who may well have a more balanced & biblical undertanding than you do. It is relationship with God not bare intellectual truths that we should strive for.
      I wish you well Paul,

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      That is not my intention. I do want feed back and opinions. I also want people to think things through with me. I'm not afraid to be wrong.

      "Marshall, Keith" <Keith.Marshall@...> wrote:
      I would hazard a guess that Paul isn't really "saying" but rather is
      "throwing" another sermon the way of the group regardless of interest or
      politeness. Though I cannot fault the content it seems out of keeping with a
      list forum setup for interaction to have these kind of mails thrown in. I
      seem to remember a history professor who said that some of the hugonauts of
      the reformation period had the idea that if you preached to a leader you
      preached to his nation & so did something like ... here my memory is vague
      ... arranging for a nice sermon to be left for king louis on his! bed via a
      breaking and entry or something like that ... with undoubtably disasterous
      results in terms of the kings goodwill.

      Pauls sermons seem similar. Its like ... doesn't matter who you are, doesn't
      matter where you are at ... here is a truth for you to be enlightened by ...
      doesn't even matter if you want to hear it or are offended by it ... or wish
      to discuss it ...

      so there we go!

      I think what it may indicate is a warped view of people. I don't believe
      that Jesus interacted with people by throwing things at them ... I think he
      reasoned, discussed, taught, ect ... to where people were at ... & that
      includes the disciples ... only giving them as much as they could handle at
      any one time. Pauls mails may contain lots of truth (though some are
      nonsense ... such as his obsession with sabboth observanse) but the way they
      are thrown in don't suggest lots of love or any degree of sensitivity.!

      I think it may also indicate a somewhat warped theology ... one where only
      intellectual truths are valued & were peoples hearts & minds are deemed
      fairly irrelevant. Prodestantism in general is probably guilty of this ... &
      I speak as an evangelical prodestant ... if also one who is charismatic,
      arminian in general theolgy & an aglican by background & church practice. I
      do not think God has in the scriptures relegated people to subseriant to
      intellectual truths. What people do & feel & think is of enourmous value to
      God regardless of wheather or not they are "enlightened". God loves us
      wheather or not we belive all the right things!

      Furthermore I would hazard a guess that there is a strong element in Pauls
      thinking which would relegate our response to God as somewhat irrelevant &
      place the emphasis on the truth itself being the cause of any repsonse as
      key. This would not! be in keeping with Jesus' teaching. In the parable of
      the sower it is NOT the truth that is key ... it is the HEARTS RESPONSE TO
      THE TRUTH into which the seed is sown. Placing so much emphasis on doctrine
      rather than on practice can lead to a distorted & unbalanced view of the
      christian life & of christianity.

      These points are guesses & assumptions & inferred. They may all be wrong.



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      And what are you saying here, Paul, with this Scripture?


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