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Who is really Jesus Christ?

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  • Brad Lifto
    This is Jesus Christ the Greatest!  And in our spiritual bringing forth [Jesus] uses tenderness beyond comparison in keeping us - more than he used in our
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      This is Jesus Christ the Greatest!
       And in our spiritual bringing forth [Jesus] uses tenderness beyond comparison in keeping us - more than he used in our bodily bringing forth by as much as our soul's worth is greater in his sight than our body's.He kindles our understanding, he prepares our ways, he eases our conscience, he comforts our soul, he lightens our heart, and gives us, in part, a knowing and loving in his blessed, blissful godhead, with the gracious mentality of his sweet manhood and his blessed passion, and with a courteous marveling at his noble, surpassing goodness. He makes us love all that he loves for his love, and be well satisfied with him and with all his works…. And yet after this he allows some of us to fall harder and more seriously than we have ever done before, as we imagine. And then we suppose that we are not entirely wise, and that all we have begun is nothing. But this is not so. For it is necessary for us to fall, and it is necessary for us to see it.If
      we did not fall, we would not know how feeble and wretched we are of ourselves, nor should we know so fully the marvelous love of our maker. We shall see in truth that we never lost any of his love, nor were we ever of less worth in his sight. And by the test of this failure we shall have a noble and marvelous knowing of love in God….(which)cannot be broken on account of trespass. He wills that we take ourselves with great strength to the faith of holy Church and find there our most precious mother in comfort and true understanding with the whole communion of blessed ones. For a person by himself can frequently be broken, as it seems to himself, but the whole body of holy Church was never broken and never shall be, without end. Therefore it is a sure thing, a good thing, and a gracious thing to will meekly and powerfully to be fastened and joined to our mother, holy Church - that is Christ Jesus.  Plus on the wall in the Catacomb of the Holy Land.
      the Catholic wrote as what he was really like walking on earth as their point of view. He was well built, long dark brown hair part in center over his shoulder down to his waist. His beard was well trim as down is to robe of his collar. His nose was nice and point. His eye were dark brown. Hisl ips was like rose color. He never like anyone sharing at him with evil intentions. He was more of a listerner than a talker. He was kind and never rude. He was compassion toward all as to lead them to God. He was humble and meekness and throughtly clean. His is a word spoken person was modest and secure. He shows no interest of playing dirty games or being a con artist. He is very smart with supreme Divine Wisdom of who will need his help to merited everlasting life. He does as appearing show as he never aloud any type of person to be afraid of him. His off white loosen tunic was long down to his ankle and long sleeves down to his hand but fold to his wrists.
      His collar was open enough to for his head to go through. He always smiling with love to all his creatures and so full of desires to lead all to heaven. His faith and trust in Our Father was so strong as to obey him in all things.

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