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3353Greetings Everyone in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ

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  • Editorial Piedrecita
    Apr 29, 2013
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      My father is starting a ministry of religious instruction and Evangelization
      here in our hometown. He truly wants for Jesus' Word to reach those Catholics
      who suffer incomprehension and desolation within Catholicism. He understands
      that the Church is hurting and suffering at its core. In order for us to
      revitalize our Church, it will require that we first recognize the mistakes
      that the Church has been making over the past few decades and understand the
      origins and fundamentals of our very own religion. This is why my dad has
      written a book (originally in Spanish, but I have since translated it to
      English) called: "A Momentous Criticism of Catholicism: Century XXI." The book
      is composed of two parts: 1. The origins and fundamentals of our religion. 2.
      A very straightforward and honest criticism we hope for many Catholics and
      non-Catholics to one day understand concerning the things that we are
      constantly seeing in our Church throughout the world. It is an exposition of
      the modern-day happenings within the Church and provides many answers to those
      that are on the brink of abandoning our Church, the Only Church that Jesus,
      True Man and True God, ever instituted...the Roman Catholic and Apostolic

      For more information about this book, which is now for sale, we cordially invite
      you to visit our recently launched website:


      Regards in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,
      Editorial Piedrecita

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