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I Need someone to do multiple resin castings

I don't know if I'm posting this in the right place and I apologize if I'm not but I'm kind of in a bind and I don't know where else to look. I've got some
May 15

PU resin shelf life - 5+ years?

Hello all, I'm an irregular caster, and I've been using a 2 pound Smoothcast 310 set for years, that is almost used up. So I started thinking when I bought it.
Rob de Bie
May 14

Food vacuum sealer machines

While examining on the Internet for stockpiling vacuum and apparatus in Melbourne, I had visited http://www.relyservices.com.au http://www.relyservices.com.au/
May 12

Re: Resin Dispensing Systems?

I have used this company's products several times although I don't own one right now. http://www.michaelengineering.com/ On Wed, Apr 29, 2015 at 2:22 AM, Didj
Ray K
Apr 29

Re: Resin Dispensing Systems?

I use 1&5 gallon carboys, the kind with bleeders, swapped out the stock valves for and long stem 1/4 turn spigot valves. Use them for all my different resins,
Corey Minion
Apr 29

Resin Dispensing Systems?

Anyone here using a resin dispensing system they'd recommend?  Looking to scale things up a little and wondering what folks are using. thanks,-=cam Anyone
Didj Effects
Apr 28

pre-mixing colors?

Have a 4 gallon project coming up and I'm looking for a better way to mix colors and measure out 2-part clear urethane.  Does anyone premix their colors? 
Didj Effects
Apr 28

Re: Rotational casting question

After reading that again, I don’t think I worded it very well. What I’m trying to figure out is the optimal layer thickness, per pour. I calculated the
Mar 8

Rotational casting question

I have a project I am trying to rotocast. I was wondering if there is a magic number I should be shooting for, as far as wall thickness goes? I want the total
Mar 7

Has anyone cast Windsurfer fins

Has anyone cast Windsurfer fins if so how do you do it. Ains
Mar 4
Feb 22

Re: Photoetching problems

Just a quick genuine "thank you" for all of your very kind informative replies and explanations which have given me a whole new understanding of the processes
Feb 9

Re: Hand made tool

I saw I all thanks to Mike’s link. Very ingenious, but also elaborate. Thank you all. Mike From: mailto:casting@yahoogroups.com Sent: Monday, January 26,
Jan 27

Re: Hand made tool

Sorry, I am not sure if what you can't see are the photos I posted by error (the link to Flickr) or the photos of the amazing workplace.Could you tell, please?
daniel caso
Jan 26

Re: Hand made tool

try removing the 'show' from the address and look at the individual image set.... https://www.flickr.com/photos/daniel_1_32_scale/sets/72157648103236323 Best
Mike Bauers
Jan 26
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