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  • G. Greenway
    From: Don Campau Subject: living archive launch/ G To: Don Campau Date: Saturday, 1 August, 2009, 10:10 PM
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      From: Don Campau <campaudj@...>
      Subject: living archive launch/ G
      To: "Don Campau" <campaudj@...>
      Date: Saturday, 1 August, 2009, 10:10 PM


      Announcing the launch of The Living Archive Of Underground Music:


      This is my personal overview and perspective of the underground music scene, or “cassette culture” as it has come to be known. This musical and sociological movement hit its stride in the early 1980s through the 1990s with home recording musicians trading tapes, being reviewed in a few small magazines and getting occasional airplay on various radio programs. In this pre-internet time, it was a community of unknown artists exchanging their creations through the regular mail and discussing, criticizing and supporting each others work and becoming friends and collaborators in many cases.

      Being a home taper and radio DJ gave me a unique vantage point during this period. I traded thousands of my own tapes, broadcast countless home recording musicians and became acquaintances and friends with many. I even ended up marrying a home taping musician from the other side of the country.

      I have not attempted to give a complete history of this movement but will filter it through my own experiences and memories. I will try to “connect the dots” with what I have seen and heard along the way. I will also enlist others to help out and describe their own experiences. This isn’t about me but I cannot think of another way to do this except by telling my own story.

      This is not a fancy web site with spinning things or elaborate graphics. This web site will always be a work in progress, something that keeps growing, expanding and hopefully, informing along the way. And although this is mainly about a narrow but important slice of history from the past, I won’t ignore the present and the projects people do now.

      Don Campau, 1 August 2009


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