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ICCBR 2013 Doctoral Consortium - Call for applications

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  • throthberghofer
    ** Apologies if you receive multiple copies of this announcement ** ** Please forward to anyone who might be interested ** CALL FOR APPLICATIONS Fifth Annual
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      ** Apologies if you receive multiple copies of this announcement **
      ** Please forward to anyone who might be interested **

      Fifth Annual ICCBR Doctoral Consortium

      8-9 July 2013, Saratoga Springs, NY

      *** Submission date: 1 April 2013 ***

      We invite you to participate in the twenty-first International
      Conference on Case-Based Reasoning (ICCBR), the premier
      international meeting on research and applications in Case-Based
      Reasoning (CBR). The conference series steadily expands the
      frontiers of CBR as a scientific field. Each conference reflects
      in keynote addresses on the progress of the field and its
      connections with related areas, discusses topical problems in a
      set of workshops, presents industrial solutions, and holds a
      doctoral consortium to encourage the progress of young
      researchers. The CBR community welcomes new members and
      encourages you to join it.

      ICCBR-13's Doctoral Consortium will take place on the first two
      days of the conference. It is designed to provide PhD students
      (and others) with an opportunity to foster their research career.
      Each participating student will give a presentation on their
      research and interact closely with a mentor (a senior CBR
      researcher or practitioner). Past participants have noted that
      feedback from other senior researchers and their peers was also
      valuable, and allowed them to more quickly develop research
      contacts and an understanding of the community's interests.

      We're encouraging students to submit a short application
      (tentatively due 1 April 2013). Selected applicants will be
      assigned a mentor (a senior CBR researcher who shares interests
      and is from a different organization) who will communicate with
      them, assist them with preparing their presentation, meet with
      them at the DC, and lead their presentation's discussion section,
      giving feedback regarding presentation and content. Attendees
      will also have opportunities to speak with participants/peers
      from other locations. All ICCBR-13 attendees are welcome to
      attend. The intent is to nourish younger researchers' interests
      in the field.

      We warmly welcome applications from interested students (and
      others who would benefit from this forum). We were able to
      obtain some funding to reduce student registration fees, and
      participants will also be given preference for selection in
      the ICCBR-13 Student Volunteer Program.

      Please contact us if you have any questions at
      iccbr2013dc@.... You will find more information
      about the Doctoral Consortium here:

      Thomas Roth-Berghofer & Rosina Weber (DC Chairs)

      Prof Thomas Roth-Berghofer
      Professor of Artificial Intelligence
      Head of Research and Research Training
      School of Computing and Technology

      University of West London
      St Mary's Road, London W5 5RF
      Website: http://samsa.uwl.ac.uk/mdse

      >> Open source Case-Based Reasoner: http://myCBR-project.net
      >> Upcoming events:
      Engineering Interactive Computing Systems: http://eics2013.org
      18th UK Workshop Case-Based Reasoning @ AI 2013: http://ukcbr.org.uk
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