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CBR Startups - ICCBR 2010 Workshop

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  • Ashwin Ram
    We are organizing a workshop on CBR Startups at ICCBR 2010. We look forward to your support and participation to make this workshop a successful event. Please
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      We are organizing a workshop on CBR Startups at ICCBR 2010. We look forward to your support and participation to make this workshop a successful event. Please fill out a short participation survey to help us plan: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/S2ST588

      Please circulate as appropriate.



      CBR Startups
      ICCBR 2010 Workshop / July 20, 2010 / Alessandria, Italy

      Over the past twenty-five years, Case-Based Reasoning has matured into a full-fledged discipline within AI, with an international community, strong research momentum, and many commercial successes. However, despite its many advantages as a technology, CBR is not well known in the entrepreneurial world. In part, this is due to few startups being created by CBR researchers, who are the best people to initiate commercialization of their ideas.

      This workshop will focus on the merits and challenges of creating a technology startup out of cutting-edge research in academia or research labs. We will discuss technological issues, such as the application areas best suited for CBR approaches and scalability of CBR technologies. We will also discuss practical issues, such as the tension between academic goals (e.g., publishing papers) and commercialization goals (e.g., building applications), and the different types of expertise required to create a vision (researchers), market a product (marketers), and build a company (entrepreneurs).

      In true CBR fashion, we will use cases to tackle these issues. We will hear from CBR researchers who have created CBR startups, and use their experiences to discuss different ways to commercialize CBR technologies. Some have chosen a hands-on approach, taking on a management role (CEO) or a technology role (CTO). Others have partnered with experienced business people, who have taken their ideas forward. We will also provide a forum to help participants with their startup ideas.


      CBR Startups will be a half-day workshop with short talks by people who have spun out companies from their universities, a panel discussion with open audience questions on the merits and challenges of doing a startup, alternative ways of commercializing CBR technologies, and advice to people interested in doing this.
      We will conclude with a hands-on session with 3 minute pitches by participants. Think of it as throwing down the gauntlet�a friendly competition where you pitch your CBR startup idea. Prizes will be awarded for most innovative use of CBR technology, best business idea, and idea most likely to succeed. Our intention is to provide advice and mentoring by community members who have been-there-done-that, using these ideas as case studies for all of us to learn from.

      Tentative agenda:

      - Introduction and context
      - Short talks by CBR researchers who have done startups
      - Panel discussion with open audience questions
      - 3 minute CBR Pitch competition

      We want this to be useful to you, so please help us refine the agenda by filling out this brief survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/S2ST588


      - Ashwin Ram, Georgia Tech; Founder, Enkia, OpenStudy
      - Saurav Sahay, Georgia Tech; Founder, Cobot Health

      Invited Speakers & Mentors

      - Barry Smyth, University College Dublin; Founder, HeyStaks
      - Peter Funk, M�lardalen University; Founder, FunkAI
      - Frode S�rmo, Norwegian University of Science & Technology; CTO Verdande
      [More to come. If you'd like to speak or mentor, please fill out the survey.]

      Help us publicize this workshop!

      Please forward this URL to others who might be interested: http://bit.ly/cbr-startups

      For more information about ICCBR 2010, see: http://www.iccbr.org/iccbr10
      Ashwin Ram, Associate Professor
      Director, Cognitive Computing Lab
      College of Computing, Georgia Tech

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