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Re: [cascadeqrp] Cascade QRP Club Build Day

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  • Gary Lippert
    Hi Everett, I also ordered the DC20B on March 17 and it arrived today (April 1). You have to print the assembly manual from the website. I will not be at
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 1, 2009
      Hi Everett,

      I also ordered the DC20B on March 17 and it arrived today (April 1).   You have to print the assembly manual from the website.   I will not be at the club build, but the kit looked to good to pass up!  

      Gary, K7VBY

      On Mon, Mar 23, 2009 at 10:35 AM, ARS W6ABM <arsw6abm@...> wrote:

      My DC-20B is ordered. With shipping it was $57.50. They say 1 to 2 weeks for


      On Sun, Mar 22, 2009 at 8:46 PM, PHIL WESTOVER <492commish@...> wrote:
      > A plan is in place for our next club build.  Members of the Cascade QRP Club
      > and the OTVARC are invited to participate in a meeting where several of us
      > get together and assemble/solder a radio kit.
      > Here's some details:
      > DATE:  Saturday, April 25th
      > TIME:  We'll meet at 9:00 am;  the meeting place is available all day, and I
      > plan on staying there throughout the day til about 4:00 pm if necessary.
      > Anyone can leave early if they need to.
      > LUNCH:  I recommend you bring a sack lunch.
      > LOCATION:    Cedar Hills Baptist Church, 2470 SW Roxbury Ave,  Portland OR
      > 97225
      > (Hwy 217 Exit 1 Walker Rd Exit; Two blocks north of Walker Rd; Next to
      > Roxbury Park
      > WHAT WE'LL BE BUILDING:  http://www.qrpkits.com/dcxxb.html
      > A complete description of the $50 kit is available at the above link.  Many
      > have asked, "Which band is the group going to build?"  The answer is that
      > you should choose whatever band you would like.  98% of the kit's parts are
      > common over any of bands and are kitted in a single bag.  2% of the parts
      > are unique for each band, and those are provided (depending on the band
      > chosen) in a small bag.
      > Yes, there are a few toroid inductors to wind.  I personally enjoy this part
      > of kits, and will gladly help anyone who needs it.
      > If you're planning to participate, you should order your kit now, so that
      > you'll be sure to receive it in time for the build.
      > TOOLS:  Instead of me listing the tools here, please feel free to let me
      > know if you have any questions.
      > FIRST TIME or INEXPERIENCED KIT BUILDERS:  This is a great first time kit.
      > You might want to practice soldering a bit before working on the kit,
      > however.  And if you would like some soldering instruction, please let me
      > know.  We can arrange to have some practice circuit boards with some
      > practice parts.
      > That's it for now.  Please mark your calendars for April 25th when we can
      > all get together for a lot of fun and fellowship!  And please confirm with
      > me that you'll be attending, so I'll know how many donuts to buy!
      > 73,
      > Phil Westover, WA7URV
      > M-F during the daytime:  503-537-2719
      > Evenings during the week and all day on weekends:  503-625-7323

      Gary and Flora Lippert
      Portland, OR, USA
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