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Re: [cascadeqrp] Re: Breakfast This Saturday, EAST Side!!

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  • Huston Gruen
    Dave, I ve been to one of their P&C meetings and it was a great experience! Very worthwhile.  Sounds like we need to think about a carpool to Bothel!!  I ll
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 12, 2008
      I've been to one of their P&C meetings and it was a great experience! Very worthwhile.  Sounds like we need to think about a carpool to Bothel!!  I'll have to get brave and try to check into the Monday nite session.  I just opened up my ATS-3B kit and am thinking about starting it. Lots of tiny pieces!!!
      Huston K7ITA

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      Subject: [cascadeqrp] Re: Breakfast This Saturday, EAST Side!!
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      Date: Friday, September 12, 2008, 9:02 AM

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      > Phil,
      > Has anybody concidered a Pie and Coffee evening meeting during the
      week like the guys up north do? It seems the second Saturday of every
      month is really loaded in meetings for me. I would like to attend,
      but two or three meetings in one day is more than I can handle!! Do
      any of the locals monitor the pQRP group on 3551 on Monday evening at
      7:00 PM? My code speed is still too slow but I can hear most of them
      each time.
      > Huston Gruen K7ITA
      > Vancouver, Wash.


      Funny you bring this up. NT7S and I were unaware of the Cascade
      group, so we proposed a "Portland area" P&C right on the pQRP
      Yahoogroup. We were told that there was a Portland group, but neither
      of us found any links or a webpage, so we proceeded to "hold" our own
      breakfast. It's documented in text and photos on
      http://www.nt7s. com/blog/ 2008/07/inaugura l-pqrp-portland- eggs-coffee/
      a typical QRP gathering, we scattered half-built PC boards on the
      restaurant table, pored over schematics, shared our experiences using
      circuit analysis software, etc. But it's not a regular gig, and we
      certainly did not want to "replace" any existing QRP/homebrew focused

      Like you, I would actually find evening meetings during the week more
      amenable to my schedule. I try to reserve weekends for those projects
      needing long periods of focused attention. With tomorrow's meeting
      being on the east side, I probably won't make it, but I do try (when I
      remember about them) to make the west side breakfasts.

      The Monday night pQRP net is usually reachable from here in PDX. I've
      checked in a few times...just plumb forgot last Monday, as I got
      involved in working on the sheetrock for our remodel. It's best to
      have QRO available; propagation lately has brought in unintentional
      QRM from Texas and Wisconsin traffic nets, who seem to not hear us.
      It can be quite a fun net when Wayne NB6M is working 1W from his
      sailboat in the bay and tells us what he's experienced that day.

      Since the pQRP net generally has 6-8 checkins, probably the thing to
      do for now is just join their net. Send slow; the guys promise to
      slow down if someone needs them to do so.

      Also, NT7S and I are talking about heading up to Bothell some time
      when they hold their P&C meets. A three hour drive for a ham radio
      club meeting? But when folks like NB6M and KK7P in the group, it
      would be anything but an ordinary meeting.


      Dave W8NF
      Far flung west Hillsboro

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