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CW Weekend-Goldendale

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  • Bob C. and/or Pamela D.
    Art, Lew, Vance, Eric, QRP Group - The CW weekend is over, not all bad, even with solar storm, first I ve see to be categorized Minor Storm on my widget.  I
    Message 1 of 1 , May 27, 2013
    Art, Lew, Vance, Eric, QRP Group - The CW weekend is over, not all bad, even with solar storm, first I've see to be categorized "Minor Storm" on my widget.  I did NOT get Franz Josef Land.  The DXCC book said that was the call, but QRZ gave an address in Northern Asiatic Russia, my furthest inland northern Russia contact.

    I had best luck yet on 40 m, usually a dead band for me.  The MFJ trap dipole worked great, though it was not 1:1 sans tuner as it was in the park where I pruned it.  The 40 meter portion had rez at 7.040 in the park, was 6.850 at manland, Golden Dale site, set at same height.

    So, results:  On 40 meters, Curacao, Cuba, Hawaii, all corners of U.S.  Florida, NY, NJ, S. Caly, 12 states.

    On 20 meters, Brazil, Cuba, Russia, Argentina, Australia, China, France, Japan, Finland, Estonia, 27 states.

    May have had much more on 40 m, but was up till midnight and slept till 7am, so did not put near as much time when that band is up and 20 is down.  An all nighter would have been a better test.  As for the trap dipole, MFJ got it right, once tuned, as it came in the box waaaay to long, 13.231 Mhz, and 6.141 Mhz rez out of the box.

    Tried dig modes, but seems the RF talks to the computer and freezes it.  Reboot, get a few out, and reboot again.  This happened with "airmail", PSK, and JT65.  Before it freezes, it first sends short attempts to transmit, then shuts off.  Finally computer just locks up.  Not as big a deal at home, but in field, antenna is closer to ground. I put the computer and SigLink box as far from the rig as possible, and put the tuner on the floor, even further away.   Time to get some filters, ferrite beads for that, as I dig digital in the field.

    Manland was grand, photos on facebook and instagram.  Posted old ones here, this weeks go up later. - Mr Bob

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