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1/2 watt PSK 20 QSO

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  • Bob C. and/or Pamela D.
    ... CQ de K6RWM K6RWM CQ CQ de K6yM K6RWM PSE K ..K6RWM K6RWM K6RWM de KM7Q KM7Q KM7Q Oregon  kn KM7Q  de K6RWM Hi Robert, Thanks for coming back to me, nice
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 21, 2013
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      Fellow Hams - A half watt radio with no knobs or buttons, the Small Wonder Labs PSK20, worked first time with SigLink kludge up wiring.  Here is the QSO.  Made three CQs, tried a couple calls to others, and in first ten min, got this contact with Alta Loma, CA, near L.A.  Half watts got me 20 minute contact with 599 most of it, a bit o QSB here n there. Photos will follow when elegant design is done, scary now!! Here it is:
      CQ de K6RWM K6RWM
      CQ CQ de K6yM K6RWM
      PSE K

      ..K6RWM K6RWM K6RWM de KM7Q KM7Q KM7Q Oregon  kn
      KM7Q  de K6RWM

      Hi Robert, Thanks for coming back to me, nice to meet you.
      Report : 599 599
      Name   : Bob Bob
      Qth: Alta Loma, CA. Alta Loma, CA.  Approx. 40 miles east of Los Angeles.
       DM14ed DM14ed
      Info   : http://www.qr
      oscom/db/K6RWM Please visit my QRZ webpage.

      How copy? BTU Robert, KM7N de K6RWM pse kn

      ..K6RWM de KM7Q
       I am running first test of half watt PSK20, first QSO.  TNX for call. 
      QTH: Portland Oregon  Portland Oregon
      Name: Bob Bob
      Your RSQ is:   599
      How is my modulation?
      BTU K6RWM de KM7Q kn

      KM7Q de K6RWM  Wow, you have a good signal down here in SoCA. Your mod looks good and you are 100% copy. 
      So BTU Robert, KM7Q de K6RWM k

      ..K6RWM de KM7Q
      Wow, I have a FT897 with a siglink box, got the PSK20 by Small Wonder Labs from a buddy in our QRP group.  Wanted to make it work with the siglink box without changing settings for the FT897.  Just kludged up the wiring to test it, and zap, third try tonight and you came back,  tnx  BTU K6RWM de KM7Q kn

      It is doing a good job for you -- congrats on the kludge.  I will send you my info on my macro:
      Bob, my station
        Radio    : Yaesu FT-950, LDG AT-600 PROII autotuner, ~40 watts, Signalink USB
        Antenna  : G5RV at 40', Zerofive 27' vertical
        Operator : Created 1948, licenced 1962.

      My QSL is OK via LOTW, eQSL.cc (AG), QRZ, or via direct mail.

      BTU Bob KM7Q de K6RWM kn 

      ..K6RWM de KM7Q
      I will send macro, all but radio correct.  Half watt dimming the lights here hi hi.   Rig is Yaesu FT 897  45 watts
      SignaLink  box
      Inverted Vee fan dipole at 25 feet Born in 1944, a cw ham since 1957, WV6ADV.
      After a 45 year break, I enjoy CW PSK, RTTY,
      just tried  JT65.
      BTU K6RWM de KM7Q kn

      KM7Q de K6RWM  ok Bob, I was just taking a look at your QRZ page right now.  I have not seen that equip before.  I am playing with HRD here as I have had some problems with it on the other computer; it was locking up on me, usually when I was trying to work DX hi hi.  So I put it on an old Dell that I had in the garage and so far, it has been bullet proof.  I have spent the afternoon making as many contacts as I can to see if it would fail but so far so good.
      So BTU Bob, KM7Q de K6RWM k
      ..K6RWM de KM7Q
      you continue to be 100% cpy.  I love fooling with QRP, using an MFG Cub and a NorCaal I got at a swap.  This little black box is made by the folks that make the Rock Mite, but they quit.  It is fixed freq at 14.070, no knobs or buttons.  I want to play with SDR next, probably QRP to start.  Most fun, but at home, its my trusty FT897 that does the work.  BTU K6RWM de KM7Q kn

       KM7Q de K6RWM  well PSK is a good mode for QRP work.  Once I have everything straightened out, I may try that.  I am seeing that I am losing some of your transmission due to some QSB nearby.  Maybe the band is starting to change up also, but I only got about 60% at the end.
      So BTU Bob, KM7Q de K6RWM k

      ..K6RWM de KM7Q
      other sigs are fading, but yours is cutting through the QSB without a glitch.  I think I will sign off now and call my buddy who has helped me on this project  Done, guess I did, first try.  Radio is sure fun.  I am from Pacific Grove, CA, got my novice there.  BTU K6RWM de KM7Q kn

      KM7Q de K6RWM  Good night, and thanks for the nice contact. sk

      ..K6RWM de KM7Q
      ..I QSL direct with SASE
      100% return, direct, bureau, eQSL
      73 K6RWM de KM7Q SK

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