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Re: [cascadeqrp] Change of Call Since 1961

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  • Dave Haupt
    I, too, am drawn by the concept of operating out on a hilltop somewhere. I ve had wa-a-a-a-y too many home projects going on since moving here in 2005, but
    Message 1 of 2 , May 10, 2010
      I, too, am drawn by the concept of operating out on a hilltop somewhere. I've had wa-a-a-a-y too many home projects going on since moving here in 2005, but have been piecing together a portable station. Slowly. I emphasize "s-l-o-w-l-y".

      I've picked up a few things to hopefully move myself toward being able to do the real deal - a portable operation. I found a used FT-817 a few years ago. It came in handy as a test bed for some experiments I was doing for a for-pay project, so it was actually a tax deduction. At one of the Rickreall 'fests, I got one of those nice padded cases by Western Case. Probably bigger than I need, but I figured I'd start big and go smaller. A used Elecraft T2 auto-tuner came next. I finally need a set of small paddles and will at first, make do with a rather heavy sealed lead-acid battery. I also got some of those lightweight 31 foot Jackite poles, which I've used for holding up wires in the yard, just to see how they play. Definitely flimsy; 28 feet is about all I'd be willing to use to support wires.

      Anyway, one of my big projects finished recently, so perhaps this summer I'll finally do what I've been saying I'd do, and that is go portable.

      After getting acclimated to what bands do what portable, I would then replace the FT-817 with something that's easier on batteries. The '817 does a lot, but it's a battery hog.

      One of the local radio clubs does a Field Day with more of a QRP bent than OTVARC. Might be the Portland Amateur Radio Club. I seem to recall "QRP on Larch Mountain" being the catch-phrase. OTVARC's Field Day is big...RVs, trailers, but thankfully light on the generators - we use large 12V lead-acid batteries with some solar cells and a few of those little quiet Honda 1kW generators to charge them in rotation. I really dislike the sound of a generator, and OTVARC sure hit on a good solution by basically using 12V batts and having charging available.


      Dave W8NF

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      > Subject: [cascadeqrp] Change of Call Since 1961
      > To: cascadeqrp@yahoogroups.com
      > Date: Monday, May 10, 2010, 9:01 PM
      > KM7Q here again.  Yes, you got
      > that right.  I was WV6ADV in 1958, an eighth grader who
      > got the novice licence via a ham class in JHS.  I
      > became conditional class WA6ADV in late 58.  I let the
      > license expire in 1968 and was off the air.  In the
      > late 70s, I returned to tech school to gain employment in a
      > "real job" after teaching art photography part time.  I
      > decided then to pick up the licenses again, since I was
      > learning the theory for the comercial license anyway. 
      > I took the general, advanced, and extra, and got the extra
      > call KM7Q.  After all of that I STILL did not get on
      > the air.
      > Now it IS QRP that sparked my interest.  I have an Oak
      > Hills Research OHR 100 for 40 meters, and have it set up at
      > home, and all the gear to head out into the woods to set
      > up.  IT IS going to be a fun summer !!
      > I do plan to attend field day.  Thanks for Info. 
      > 73s, Bob Out
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