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Re: [cascadeqrp] SeaPac W1AW/7 Station

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    Phil I would take an hour on the air if we can figure out time. I have a bunch of stuff going there. Everett W6ABM
    Message 1 of 2 , May 8, 2009
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      I would take an hour on the air if we can figure out time. I have a
      bunch of stuff going

      Everett W6ABM

      On Thu, May 7, 2009 at 9:22 PM, PHIL WESTOVER <492commish@...> wrote:
      > Hello Everybody!
      > Russ N7QR and myself have volunteered to head up the W1AW/7 demonstration
      > station at SeaPac this year.  Using a new IC-7600 loaned from Icom, we'll be
      > helping newbies and other interested folks to operate HF during the
      > convention.  (As you likely know, the 7600 is the new replacement rig for
      > the Pro III.)
      > We would like to get help from good operators who might be interested in
      > taking a turn for an hour or so at the event.  I will be setting up a signup
      > sheet with shifts, most likely no more than 1 hour each.
      > I'm asking if anyone in the Cascade QRP Club would consider helping out?  If
      > you respond, I promise not to take it as a commitment right away.  Instead,
      > it will simply tell me who might consider signing up for a shift or two.
      > On a another note, I will miss Saturday's breakfast due to a family
      > commitment, and I've just found out I'll be on a business trip next month,
      > the weekend after SeaPac, so I'll miss breakfast then as well.  This always
      > seems to happen in the summer time.  Oh well.
      > And we're still working on setting up some quarterly club build days.  The
      > idea that grew out of our last session a couple weeks ago was that we'll set
      > up some quarterly build meetings where each of us can bring whatever we want
      > to work on, and we'll invite newbies to join us as well.  In fact, we'll
      > help newbies decide what their first kit or project should be, help them on
      > the proper tools to have, and help with general set up.  We're thinking we
      > should be able to do this at least three times (if not four) each year.
      > Everett  W6ABM is helping with the scheduling at the church in Beaverton,
      > which is a great location.
      > Anyway, let me know if you might want to help for awhile at SeaPac.
      > 73,
      > Phil Westover, WA7URV
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