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  • pesther@comcast.net
    Very cool Di! Thanks for the info! And it is indeed very close to where the Cary Cruise is leaving from... though it says the exhibit will dematerialize in
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2007

      Very cool Di! Thanks for the info!

      And it is indeed very close to where the Cary Cruise is leaving from... though
      it says the exhibit will "dematerialize in Sept" (no specific date) ...and A Cruise to Remember  is Sept 21...so hopefully it overlaps. The Queen Mary tour is a really
      neat thing to do in Long Beach at any rate...as is the Spruce Goose
      (Howard Hughes plane) (lol- what would a CV be without a Hughes attraction- I
      think Houston started a tradition!) right next to it. I think you can still get
      a combination ticket to both tours .... and for a while there was a 3rd thing
      to visit...a Russian sub? Not sure if that was just a visiting exhibit

      A Cruise to Remember
      September 21-24, 2007

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      From: Kuryakinfan@...
      > I'm not sure if anyone is interested (but the connection here is the mention
      > of NXNW!) but isn't this close to where the Cary Cruise is taking place?
      > Some of you might want to add this to your trip itinerary!
      > Di
      > The Spy-Fi exihibit opens in L.A.
      > Maxwell Smart's shoe phone, Jim West's blue suit, Agent 007's gun, Emma
      > Peel's leather
      > pants and John Steed's bowler hat are among the 400 items selected from
      > Danny
      > Biederman's SPY-Fi Archives to be exhibited in "The Incredible World of
      > SPY-Fi" opening
      > aboard the Queen Mary April 7, 2007. The exhibit is expected to inexplicably
      > dematerialize in September.
      > "About the same
      time the Queen Mary was making her way to Long Beach on her
      > Last
      > Great Cruise in 1967, TV spy shows were capturing Americans' imaginations,"
      > commented
      > Queen Mary President and CEO Howard Bell, "so this exhibit, capturing four
      > decades of our
      > favorite spies and their impressive gadgets, is perfect for our eclectic
      > year-long
      > celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Queen Mary's arrival in Long
      > Beach."
      > Get Smart, The Wild Wild West, The Avengers, Mission: Impossible, James Bond
      > and The
      > Man from U.N.C.L.E. were among Hollywood's interpretations of the Cold War,
      > the CIA and
      > the whole intriguing world of intelligence. Among those caught up in the
      > "spy fiction"
      > craze was Danny Biederman���now a Hollywood screenwriter, author and
      > consultant
      > specializing in movie and TV spy fiction���who realized at an early age that
      > collecting spy
      > show memorabilia was safer than actually being a spy.
      > Today, Biederman's collection contains more than 4,000 items and spans 50
      > years���from
      > the 1959 Alfred Hitchcock spy thriller North by Northwest," to such recent
      > fare as Austin
      > Powers and Alias. Whether it was a ten-foot-long storyboard from I Spy,
      > James Coburn's
      > secret agent wardrobe from Our Man Flint, or Dean Martin's gas-spewing
      > camera from the
      > Matt Helm movies, Biederman grabbed it before it could be lost or destroyed.
      > "I salvaged these historic artifacts from the darkest, dustiest corners of
      > old Hollywood
      > soundstages and studio back lots," Danny Biederman explained. "The amazing
      > stories and
      > offbeat trivia that accompany the pieces have been just as fun to collect,
      > and really bring
      > the items to life in this exhibit."
      > I
      t's not an every day occurrence to get up close to something as deadly as
      > Dr. No's
      > tarantula or a Mission: Impossible self-destructing tape, but thanks to
      > Danny Biederman, it
      > will be possible in this unique new exhibit aboard the Queen Mary.
      > RMS Foundation staff, along with Pancho Barnes Enterprises (which recently
      > produced the
      > Lights! Camera! Glamour! Exhibit of the work of George Hurrell for the Queen
      > Mary's Sun
      > Deck Gallery) are producing this exhibit in conjunction with Danny
      > Biederman. Previous
      > venues for exhibits from the SPY-Fi Archives include The Pentagon, The
      > Strategic Air
      > Command, the National Atomic Museum and, appropriately enough, the Central
      > Intelligence Agency. In fact, the forward to Danny Biederman's book, The
      > Incredible World
      > of SPY-Fi (Chronicle Books), was written by the former Director of the CIA's
      > Of
      fice of
      > Technical Service, Robert W. Wallace.
      > Admission for the SPY-Fi exhibit is included in the Queen Mary First Class
      > Passage ticket
      > at $27.95 for adults, $24.95 for seniors and military and $16.95 for
      > children 4-11. First
      > Class Passage also includes the Self-Guided Shipwalk Tour with the Ghosts &
      > Legends
      > Show and two, one-hour historic guided tours. For those who only wish to
      > visit the new
      > exhibit, the ticket is $10.00 per person. Secret agents with proper ID will
      > be admitted free.
      > Attraction hours are 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. daily with the box office
      > closing at 5:30
      > p.m.
      > Located at the south end of the 710 Freeway at 1126 Queens Highway, Long
      > Beach, CA
      > 90802, the Queen Mary has emerged as a favorite attraction, hotel, meeting
      > facility,
      > world-class entertainment destination, u
      nique spot for dining and shopping
      > and one of
      > the world's most haunted sites. For more information, call (562) 435-3511 or
      > go to
      > www.queenmary.com or www.spyfiarchives.com.
      > ************************************** See what's free at http://www.aol.com.
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      A Cruise to Remember
      September 21-24, 2007
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