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427Deadline for submitting CV 9 offers for Spring 09

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  • Nancy Bruce
    Oct 11, 2007
      Hey, all --

      From the Warbride list moderators -- the deadline for submitting offers to host Caryvention 9, in the location that you personally offer, is October 31st, EDT  (D.C. time).

      To be considered, you must submit your offer to one of the moderators of the Warbride list before that time.

      Debbie Dunlap  - debbie@...  
      Nancy Bruce  -  beaky@...
      Cheryl Trahan  - elvis@...

      We currently have the one offer from Kim Tapper along with her crew, to be hosted in the Chicago area.

      Just for the record... one's the critical number here, but there may be others of you that are thinking about it --  now's the time to speak up if you are.

      Voting is done by poll on the website.

      Specific date is chosen by the hosts and does not have to be finalized prior to the voting.

      Any questions for information may be directed to the above moderators or to any past hostess.

      Again -- to be considered, you must submit your offer to one of the 3 active moderators for consideration.

      Whoo hoo ---  still recovering from CV8 and the new countdown is on!!!

      eversotrivially -