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408Re: [warbrides] Thanks for Cruise to remember!!!

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  • pesther@comcast.net
    Oct 7, 2007
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      Thank you Irena!  It was truly our pleasure to plan and host the CV.   We had such a great time and we're SO glad you were there!! 
      YES I remember the policemen at the registration table but I had forgotten!  Thanks for reminding me!
      lol-  "absolute devotion to warbrides crazy business".  I think that describes everything perfectly!
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      From: "Irena Pasvinter" <irena.pasvinter@...>

      Hello everybody,
      Please allow me to thank Jan, Audrey and Esther for the wonderful
      Caryvention, for their enormous work,
      absolute devotion to warbrides crazy business and for an unforgettable great
      time I had on Cruise to remember!!!
      And thank you, all the warbrides, for being such nice and wonderful
      It took me some time to get over jet log, sense of guilt before my family
      and local holidays but today I am back to work, computer and emails.
      During the lunch I even told to some of my colleagues what great group of
      people warbrides are without entering into too much details and using the
      name "warbrides" ( Jan, Audrey, Esther - do you remember these policemen
      near warbides registration table?)
      Surprisingly my colleagues were not too shocked with my adventures and did
      not tell me directly that I am crazy -
      either because they are polite or because some of them are a bit crazy
      themselves only about other things.
      Quite a nu mber of classic actors names were produced from their long
      forgotten memories - I was pleasantly surprised.
      Jan, I will send you some pictures tomorrow by email.
      Million thanks again,

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