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Re: A new direction

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  • marjorie.sanchez31
    Ellen, Would like more information and prove that James Robert Carswell son of John Carswell on the Catwaba River are Carswell s from Burke Co., GA or St.
    Message 1 of 6 , Mar 4, 2011
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      Would like more information and prove that James Robert Carswell son of
      John Carswell on the Catwaba River are Carswell's from Burke Co., GA or
      St. George Parrish. I can find where they interact with John Jackson
      Moore with our John Criswell out of Mecklenburg Co., NC. Our side of
      the family goes by Criswell [Samuel & Nancy Patience (Sealy) Criswell].
      Our Samuel would be a brother Robert Rankin Carswell of Burke Co., NC.
      I understand there is a Bible Record as such but never have seen the
      proof. It is my thought that this John is the son of David Creswell and
      Isabell McDow. McDow short for McDowell. What are your thoughts on


      --- In carswellsburkecountync@yahoogroups.com, emparson <no_reply@...>
      > Hello Amanda,
      > My suggestion is to do as I did in a post from last week. List your
      parents names and grandparent, gg's name as far up as you can go. I need
      to add some more myself. Hopefully if we all do this we will be able to
      help each other join the lines together. Also I would suggest that we
      all list the walls that we have hit. For example one of my major
      questions has been, " Who were the parents of John Jacob Carswell, who
      married Laura Norwood and moved to Texas before the Civil War? I would
      hope that someone will see our questions and have a clue or answers to
      it. If we all contribute then hopefully answers will service. Even
      though we don't realize it, each of us has clues that would help other
      people with their search. I am so glad you contacted me. Please let me
      know the walls that you have hit. Happy Hunting my friend. Ellen
      > --- In carswellsburkecountync@yahoogroups.com, "Amanda J. Jaynes"
      mandyj44@ wrote:
      > >
      > > ellen i've hit a huge wall. although i found a cousin through this
      searching. tell me where to go and what to do.
      > >
      > > On Wed Aug 4th, 2010 9:46 PM CDT emparson wrote:
      > >
      > > >
      > > >I say there is never a better time than the present. Maybe as
      people start adding their information, others will add theirs. That
      would be wonderful. Thanks a lot. Ellen
      > > >--- In carswellsburkecountync@yahoogroups.com, "webrunnericu"
      <webrunnericu@> wrote:
      > > >>
      > > >>
      > > >> Ellen, great idea. One of the other groups has this and for most
      families it works well. when do we start?? William Billy and Barbara
      seem to be my gggran's. Oh, and on one of the census a Poteet is living
      with them. We could all use good hunting skills. jet
      > > >> --- In carswellsburkecountync@yahoogroups.com, emparson
      <no_reply@> wrote:
      > > >> >
      > > >> > I had a brain;sstorm last night and I thought I would share it
      with you all. I have mentioned to you that I have a pretty large data
      base with Family Tree Maker. What would really be interesting I think
      would be for each person who is connected to this site to post on this
      site your mother and father and their parents as far back as you know
      them. It may be that when we share this information, myself of others in
      our group may find that small little bit of information to bring
      information together. Let me know what you think about this. I hope that
      perhaps this can light the fire on our Carswell searching. Please let me
      know what you all think about this idea. Thanks, Ellen
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