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Club Minutes and Central Committee Minutes for February 2011.

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  • CarrollCountyDemClub
    The minutes of the last meeting, and others, are available at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/carrollcountydems/files/Meetings/ (Our Yahoo group, under
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2011
      The minutes of the last meeting, and others, are available at:
      (Our Yahoo group, under "Files"->"Meetings")
      I will also copy them below.

      Also below are the notes from the most recent Carroll County Democratic Central
      Committee meeting. Those CCDCC notes are listed at:
      (Go to CCDEMS.COM and click on "Central Committee";
      the Meeting Minutes are listed at the bottom of the page.)

      CCDemClub meeting minutes for 7 February 2011:
      (taken by Jackie Schrenker-Case)
      Carroll County Democratic Club
      February 7th Meeting
      Frisco Pub

      Executive Board Meeting

      The meeting opened with a discussion concerning the snow policy.
      The following was agreed upon:
      * An email would be sent to board members from the president.
      * If schools closed early, the meeting will be cancelled/postponed.
      * If schools open late, the meeting will be held.
      * Frisco's will be notified if the meeting is cancelled in case
      anyone does show up for the meeting.

      Frank Rammes handed out the nominating committee's recommended slate.

      Jackie Jones motioned that CCDC purchase a $100 full page ad for the JJ Dinner.
      The motion was seconded by Frank Baylor and passed. The
      recommendation will be taken forward to the membership.

      Jackie Jones motioned to have the May meeting for the
      installation of officers to be held at the Buttersburg Inn.
      It was seconded and passed.
      The recommendation will be taken forward to the membership.

      The Executive Board meeting adjourned.

      CCDC Meeting

      The meeting started with a presentation by Cindy Parr,
      Director of Administrative Services and Steve Powell,
      Deputy Chief of Staff.

      Cindy and Steve discussed the recent reorganization of the
      Carroll County Government (CCG). The following key points were discussed.

      * Previously the CCG was comprised of 3 commissioners - at
      large and 12 or 13 departments.
      * The CCG is now comprised of 5 commissioners by district
      and 8 departments.
      The 12-13 departments were consolidated not eliminated.
      For example: Planning is now Land Use, P and Development.
      * TMDL …..Government is limiting septics.
      * Smaller constitutional government
      * Teacher's pension
      * Units maintained, not bureaucracy.
      * 90% of commercial parcels are 5 acres or less
      * 5 acres or more – nonconforming use, 18 months it returns
      to industrial again.
      * The board rejected the masterplan, no rezoning.
      * Discussed how the "names" of the types of industry scare people
      * Employment Based Zone
      * Sustainability versus Environmentalism, agenda¸ socialism
      * Carroll Community College will host BGE and other energy
      providers in March
      * Residential to Economic – 22% reduction in residential base
      * Pathways (?)
      * Water will be the greatest expenditure over the next 10 years
      * Conservation plans for farms
      * Westminster Bypass – MD 140 to MD 194
      * MD 32 is the county's top priority for funding by the state.
      * Difference between 3 and 5 commissioners.
      District commissioners worry more about their district
      * Will districts change? Yes
      * Is the $400k savings accurate? Yes.
      Most upper level management is taking a pay cut.
      * Incinerator – 2 commissioners are concerned about
      the current contract (fiscal).

      Business – Old/New
      * The proposed slate of officers was read; this will be
      officially presented at the March meeting.
      * Opposition Research Committee – see Scott for upcoming meeting.
      * July Picnic – Lion's Club (who can sponsor us?)
      * JJ Ad - $100, the motion was passed.
      Ad needs to be camera ready copy.
      * Silent Auction was discussed
      * Treasury – Close to $1000
      * There were stamps left over from a previous event.
      A motion was made and passed to donate the stamps
      to the Central Committee.
      * Young Democrats have decided to get back together sooner
      than anticipated. They plan to refocus on activism.

      Carroll County Democratic Central Committee Meeting Minutes
      February 17, 2011
      (taken by Don West)

      Committee members in attendance
      George Maloney, Don West, Doug Mathias, Jackie Jones, Jackie Schrenker-Case,
      Maxine Wooleyhand, Anita Riley, Mary Ellis, Bruce Hake and Corynne Courpas.

      Other attendees
      Jason Officer, Martin Radinsky, Frank Rammes, Lowell Jones, Judy Hake,
      Bill Wooleyhand, Scott Markle, Brian DiMaggio and Bob Kurland.

      Meeting was called to order by Jackie Jones, Chair at 7:30 pm

      Secretary's Report
      Minutes were sent to CCDCC members via e-mail. Corynne C. motioned to
      accept January's minutes, Doug M. 2nd, vote unanimous.

      Treasurer's Report
      Treasurer's report was sent to Committee members via e-mail.
      Current balance is $975.41. Don W. motioned to accept January's
      Treasurer's report, Mary E. 2nd, vote unanimous.

      Jackie J. is currently accepting $100 donations for a 'Get out the Vote'

      Club Reports
      no reports

      Old Business
      JJ dinner – Jackie has sent out selected invitations for the
      JJ Dinner to selected individuals. She would like to be able to
      send out additional invitations, possibly 200-300.

      All members are encouraged to sell ads for the JJ Program to Unions,
      Candidates, Businesses and Individuals. Marty R. said the ads are
      the single biggest revenue source from the Dinner and have typically
      brought in between $2000 – 3000. Tickets for the dinner often only
      net the group about $10 per ticket sold.

      Bruce H. has sold four ads so far. Corynne C. has sold one.
      Mary E. has sold one.

      Deadline for accepting ads would be 7 -10 days before the Dinner.
      Ads don't have to be 'camera ready'. If the business does not
      have an ad available, a business card will work.

      Check with Jackie J. or Anita R. to try to eliminate redundancy
      in approaching possible ad purchasers. It is better to ask a
      business for their support rather than to assume someone already has.

      Mary E. has agreed to approach candidates and other elected officials
      about sponsoring and attending.

      Scott M. suggested approaching other Central Committees.

      Maxine W. agreed to help Neil R. with the Silent Auction while
      he recovers from his surgery. Marty R. recommended the value
      for auction items should be between $30 – 50.

      Marty R. related that sending out mass mailing invitations
      has not been effective in the past. Press releases have
      been helpful and cost-effective. Newspapers will not cover
      the Dinner, as it is a politcal event.

      No speaker has been confirmed yet for the Dinner.
      Jason O. said he would contact a minister for the Dinner.

      Bruce H. related information from Jim Rowe, co-owner of the
      Buttersburg Inn, that they would be interested in hosting
      CCDCC meetings in the future. The idea is that meetings
      could move around to various restaurants in the County,
      attracting interest in different communities.

      Grass Roots effort is on hold until after the JJ Dinner.
      Jackie J. said she wants to get the disk she has with voters'
      contact information broken down by precincts. Marty R. suggested
      contacting Martin Schmidt to help with the disk.

      New Business
      Bob Kurland addressed the group about sustainability and property
      rights. His comments were of concern to some members of the Committee.
      After a brief discussion, it was determined by the Members that
      this topic was not business for the DCC at this time.

      Jason O. reported on the Young Dems Club reorganization.

      Bruce H. said that Judy H. has been working on a Facebook page
      for the CCDCC. It was decided that it would be an 'open' group.

      Scott M. talked about a newspaper article on one of our County
      Commissioners leaving on a mission trip to the Phillipines.

      Jackie J. needs to have the names of CCDCC members who are planning
      on going to the March 5 meeting of the State Central Committee of
      MD in Lanham.

      The next CCDCC meeting will be Thursday, March 10, 2011, starting
      at 7:30 pm at Buttersburg Inn in Union Bridge. Please note
      change of location and date! The meeting is open to the public.

      Meeting adjourned at 8:41 pm

      Respectfully submitted,
      Don West, Secretary
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