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Meeting and minutes!

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    Reminder: the next club meeting is this coming Monday at the Frisco Pub in Westminster, 7pm. The minutes of the last meeting, and others, are available at:
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      Reminder: the next club meeting is this coming Monday at the Frisco Pub in Westminster, 7pm.

      The minutes of the last meeting, and others, are available at:
      (Our Yahoo group, under "Files"->"Meetings")
      I will also copy them below.

      Also below are the notes from the most recent Carroll County Democratic Central Committee meeting. Those CCDCC notes are listed at:
      (Go to CCDEMS.COM and click on "Central Committee"; the Meeting Minutes are listed at the bottom of the page.)

      CCDemClub meeting minutes for 4 January 2011:
      (taken by Jackie Schrenker-Case)
      Carroll County Democratic Club
      January 4th Meeting
      Frisco Pub

      Mark Wilson recognized and welcomed the new attendees to the meeting.

      Jason has to resign his position as Vice President, so we look to filling in his place on the board.
      The VP positions functions more like a communications director and it responsible for
      disseminating information (sending things out).

      The Nominating Committee needs more members. At the moment it only has one, Frank Rammes.

      The MLK Breakfast by the NAACP will be held at Martin's Westminster on Jan. 15th at 8am. The
      information is available on the website, ccdems.com

      Governor O'Malley's Inauguration Gala will be held in the Armory in Baltimore on Wed. January 19th, 7-
      10pm. Information is available on the Governor's website. It has been requested that everyone brings
      a canned food to the gala for the food bank.

      Frank Baylor mentioned that To Kill a Mocking Bird will be playing at the Carroll Arts Center on January
      17th, MLK Day.

      There was no official treasurer's report. Jackie Jones said there was a little over $900.
      Jackie Jones has the membership list on excel.
      Jackie Jones said the Central Committee will be working on a grassroots campaign. To raise money, she
      suggested a "Hundred Dollars Club" implemented to help raise money. She has already received one

      Town elections will be held this spring April/May 2011.

      The Young Democrats are taking a sabbatical for a few months due to "personal issues" (not from
      within the group itself). They plan to be back up and running by the end of the year.

      Corynne Courpas reminded everyone that we need to help get advertisements for the JJ Dinner held
      at Martin's Westminster on April 14th.

      New Business:

      Scott suggested tracking the candidates quotes, etc. for future use…'Opposition Research'. It was also
      suggested to keep track of the good things the Democratic candidates say and "do a Jon Stewart".
      Research the quotes from this past election.
      Mark moved that Scott chair the committee. Jackie, Jason, etc… seconded it. It motion passed. Scott
      will chair the Opposition Research Committee (ORC).

      Jackie Jones said that she and Larry Helminiak were asked to by The Media Center in Westminster to
      discuss why people should become a Democrat vs. a Republican.

      Jason brought up the issue of the distance between the entrance of the school to the actual poll at the
      Sandymount Elementary Precinct. It is a very long walk and chairs are actually placed in the hall for
      people (elderly) to rest along the way. There is a building entrance much closer to the poll that could
      be used.

      Board of Elections – 5 people, 3 Democrats/2 Republicans
      3 will vote for president, 2 Democrats/1 Republican
      Frank Rammes asked what club would like to see for upcoming programs.
      * The Governor for the JJ Dinner (Jackie Jones)
      * Basic committee organizing
      * Tom Zurcholli to speak on writing/presenting
      * Changes of Carroll County Government/reorganization
      Steve Powell, Cindy Parr
      * GreggPeccao – Obama, DNC
      * Sherriff's Department – Ken Treconi, from resident trooper to sheriff - safety
      * Bauer – schools
      * Steve Guthrie – New school next fall?

      A motion was moved to accept the minutes. It was passed.

      Move to adjourn at 7:50pm

      Additional comments:

      Central (committee?) – bring someone in to train candidates. Corynne Courpas said the State can
      provide help. The Western Maryland Democratic Caucus at Rocky Gap provides an excellent
      forum for learning how to groom candidates.

      Districts may be changing. The Board of Elections should keep us apprised


      CC Democratic Central Committee minutes for 20 January 2011:
      (taken by Don West)
      Carroll County Democratic Central Committee Meeting Minutes
      January 20, 2011

      Committee members in attendance
      Neil Ridgely, Don West, Doug Mathias, Jackie Jones, Jackie Schrenker-Case,
      Maxine Wooleyhand, Anita Riley, Jim Gregory, Mary Ellis, Bruce Hake and
      Corynne Courpas.

      Other attendees
      Jason Officer, Lowell Jones, Judy Hake, Bill Wooleyhand, Scott Markle and
      Mary Ann Gregory.

      Meeting was called to order by Jackie Jones at 7:30 pm

      Secretary's Report
      Minutes were sent to CCDCC members via e-mail. There was one correction
      to December's minutes – Doug M. noticed that Gail Riley's name was misspelled.
      The correction has been made. Corynne C. motioned to accept December's
      minutes, Maxine W. 2nd, vote unanimous.

      Treasurer's Report
      Treasurer's report was sent to Committee members via e-mail. Current
      balance is $1426.29. Don W. motioned to accept January's Treasurer's
      report, Anita R. 2nd, vote unanimous.
      Corynne C. reported she did file the end of year report with the State of
      Maryland on time. Next report will be due in January, 2012.

      Jackie asked if all Committee members who ran in the last election filed
      their final campaign finance reports.

      Club Reports
      no reports

      Old Business
      Jackie J. said she had the old CCDCC land line disconnected. It was no
      longer cost effective to have it in service. Most people who want to
      contact Jackie either do so by e-mail or calling her home phone number.
      If the need for a phone arises in the future, perhaps a temporary cell
      phone can be purchased.

      Anita R. reported on the plans for the upcoming Jefferson-Jackson
      (JJ) Dinner, to be held at Martins in Westminster on Thursday,
      April 14th. Anita is to meet with Martins soon to select a menu.
      Possible themes for the JJ Dinner were discussed, including
      Fight Back, Taking Back Carroll County, Telling The Truth,
      Moving Carroll County Forward, Celebrating What Makes
      Us Democrats and Cooperation. Corynne C. said to be careful
      that we are not making the JJ Dinner too political or contentious,
      it should be marketed to our followers. Scott M. said that if
      Governor O'Malley is going to be the Speaker, we should use
      "Moving Maryland Forward". Once a theme is decided upon,
      then plans can be made about decorations.
      Anita said one of the most important things in planning the JJ
      Dinner is the Program Book. It is what generates the most income.
      Anita asked that all CCDCC members sell at least 3 – 5 program
      ads each. Rates are the same as last year - $35 per ¼ page, $60
      per ½ page and $100 full page. Anita will send members forms
      for advertisers to fill out and a cover letter. Once a keynote
      speaker is confirmed, the letters can be finalized.
      First choice for a speaker is Governor O'Malley. Senator Barbara
      Mikulski would be another possibility. Other possible back-up
      speakers with local appeal would be former Commissioners
      Julia Gouge and Dean Minnich. Former Commissioners Jeff
      Griffith or Elmer Lippy were mentioned as a possible MCs.
      Entertainment possibilities were discussed. Don W. said he
      would contact some musicians he knows. Neil R. also had
      some ideas for entertainment.
      Neil R. mentioned trying to increase the appeal of the Silent
      Auction. He agreed to lead this effort.
      Also, candidates for local municipality offices should be
      contacted for ad space.

      New Business
      Jackie J. said we need to focus on fundraising and registering
      Democratic voters. She has set as a goal that each registered
      Democrat in the County should be contacted.
      There was a discussion as to whether we should accept
      PayPal or ActBlue.
      All donations must be properly documented – name, address
      and telephone number.
      Jackie J. said we should encourage folks to write Letters to
      the Editor in the Carroll County Times or other local publications
      in support of Democratic positions.
      Bruce H. mentioned the Facebook group called Carroll County
      MD Citizen Watchdog. It is a group that follows local issues
      from a Democratic perspective. The group was started by
      Michele Johnson and is open by invitation.
      Jackie J. said she would like to see a "$100 Club" formed for
      raising money. It was tried before and was known as the
      Fisherman and Plowman Club.
      Jackie J. talked about upcoming local elections. Several of the
      municipalities will be having elections this Spring. And there
      are already discussions as far as possible School Board candidates.
      These local elections are the best way to enter politics.
      Lowell J. continued his presentation on Grass Roots organizing
      on a local level. Personal contact is the most important element.
      Jim G. has CDs of voter registrations available for anyone interested.
      Jason O. alerted the Committee of accessibility issues at
      Sandymount Elementary, one of the voting precincts.
      Jason said he would pursue a compliant.
      Bruce H. wants to start an e-mail discussion on fund-raising
      and message refinement.

      Maxine W. asked for an update of all new CCDCC members
      and their e-mail addresses. Don W. said he would do so.

      The next CCDCC meeting will be Thursday, February 17th,
      2011, starting at 7:30 pm at Frisco Pub. The meeting is
      open to the public.

      Meeting adjourned at 9:05 pm

      Respectfully Submitted,
      Don West, Secretary

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