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  • elyungo
    GREETINGS: During the last few months we ve been scouring the globe for more of the rare and unique movies we ve been offering on WWW.CINEMASIRENS.COM since we
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 2013
      During the last few months we've been scouring the globe for more of the rare and unique movies we've been offering on WWW.CINEMASIRENS.COM since we opened. As the world changes over to digital as opposed to analog it has become increasingly difficult to find films prints and video masters but we remain undaunted in our efforts. In addition to our searches we have also gone back to producing our own features starring lovely female newcomers from the East Coast. Therefore, this month we are bringing you a combination of the old and the new beginning with:

      One of the most popular model/actresses on our site is the beautiful and abundantly endowed JUNE WILKINSON. Appropriately dubbed "THE BODY" for her incredible physical charms, we are thrilled to finally be able to offer a film we have been searching for and not able to find until now, TWIST ALL NIGHT aka THE CONTINENTAL TWIST. JUNE does a surprisingly credible acting job and the irony here is that they keep her torso wrapped up and covered until she is finally unleashed to shake her booty in the last part of the flick. Definitely a must have for fans of this bountiful babe.

      And for something incredibly different, we bring you our own in-house production of the fantasy dramatic comedy EROTIC ARRANGEMENTS. Set in New York in the early 1990s, before the arrival of the internet and easily accessible saucy stimulation, it tells the story of a Wall Street tycoon who sees a great future in selling nubile female flesh on video. PLAYBOY model FELICIA opens up the story with a montage of scenes to come, and you can catch a preview of some select vignettes on YouTube by going to https://www.youtube.com/user/EroticArrangementsTV?feature=mhee

      At the tail end of our presentation is another racy comedy starring two of our favorite femmes from the swing sixties, ELKE SOMMER and ANGIE DICKINSON. They team up with the oddly coupled DICK VAN DYKE and JAMES GARNER in THE ART OF LOVE.
      It takes place in Paris where con man GARNER convinces his starving artist roommate VAN DYKE to fake his death to increase the value of his paintings. With SOMMER and DICKINSON as eye candy, this picture is a good example of the kind of teasing comedies that were being shot during that era.

      As the weather begins to warm up it is our intention to turn up the heat on WWW.CINEMASIRENS.COM by bringing you more of the sizzling screen sensations who continue to stir our senses and keep our imaginations running wild. And make sure to take a gander at our GALLERY section onsite and the CINEMASIRENS YAHOO GROUP featuring some incredible vintage photos of immortal pinup girl JUNE WILKINSON. Enjoy!
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