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Closing Group

Hi everyone, In an effort to streamline my promotional efforts, I have decided to shut down this Yahoo group. If you would like to continue receiving
Carrie Lofty
Aug 7, 2011

Signing Off My Blog

This decision has been a long time coming, but I've decided to stop blogging. I started this blog in the spring of 2005 when my daughters were little toddlers.
Carrie Lofty
Aug 16, 2010

Last Call on Workshop

Tomorrow is the last day to register for my online workshop for the Hearts Through History chapter of RWA. Titled "Beyond Research: Fact and Fiction for the
Carrie Lofty
Aug 5, 2010

[Salome's Corner] Workshop Reminder

Just a reminder that I'll be conducting an August online workshop for the Hearts Through History chapter of RWA. Titled "Beyond Research: Fact and Fiction for
Carrie Lofty
Jul 22, 2010

[Salome's Corner] Orlando!

Just a reminder that I'll be in Orlando next week for the annual national conference of Romance Writers of America. I'll be participating in the "Literacy for
Carrie Lofty
Jul 20, 2010

[Salome's Corner] Happy Fourth!

I'll be spending the day with family and friends in the heart of a community that is really trying to be its best. The photo below is what today will look like
Carrie Lofty
Jul 4, 2010

[Salome's Corner] Project Update

Now that the main push of promo for SONG OF SEDUCTION is over--you bought your copy, yes?--and the kids head off to camp today, I'm turning my attention back
Carrie Lofty
Jun 14, 2010

[Salome's Corner] SONG OF SEDUCTION Round-Up

The following is a list of appearances I'll be making to promote today's release of SONG OF SEDUCTION. Yay! Some of the posts have already gone live, and some
Carrie Lofty
Jun 5, 2010


Congratulations you must be excited this new books sounds to be a hit!
May 27, 2010


Congratulations, Carrie! I agree, interesting settings. Pam
Pam P
May 16, 2010


Congratulations, Carrie! I can't wait to read these, set in such interesting locations as well!
May 13, 2010


All right, it's official! I just signed with Pocket's fabulous Executive Editor, Lauren McKenna, for a two-book contract to publish my new Victorian series!
Carrie Lofty
May 13, 2010

Quick Updates & Contest!

First up, SCOUNDREL'S KISS is now available for Kindle! Yay! Second, my friend and fellow Chicago North chapter mate Blythe Gifford and I both started out FB
Carrie Lofty
May 12, 2010


Until now I've primarily used Facebook as a way to connect with friends and family. I am also friends with a number of industry types, from writers to bloggers
Carrie Lofty
Apr 22, 2010

Appearances Update

I wanted to let everyone know where I'll be appearing in April and May, as I have many conference and workshop appearances scheduled. First up, I've been
Carrie Lofty
Apr 19, 2010
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