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[Fwd: Australian Shark Attack File]

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  • Yacine Khelladi
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2000
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      > Australian Shark Attack File
      > http://www.zoo.nsw.gov.au/taronga/tz-shark.htm
      > >The Australian Shark Attack File is held at Taronga Zoo and is associated
      > >with the International Shark Attack File held by the American Elasmobranch
      > >Society.
      > >
      > >
      > >1. To chronicle all known information on shark attacks from Australian
      > >waters past and present.
      > >2. To provide source material for study to identify the common factors
      > >relating to the causes of attacks on humans.
      > >3. To provide information held on file for public education and awareness
      > >and for publication by the media.
      > >4. To publish information resulting from analysis of the acquired data.
      > >In the last 30 years, 31 RECORDED FATALITIES have occurred due to shark
      > >attack in Australia.
      > International Shark Attack File
      > http://www.flmnh.ufl.edu/fish/Sharks/ISAF/ISAF.htm
      > >The International Shark Attack File is a compilation of all known shark
      > >attacks that is administered by the the American Elasmobranch Society and
      > >the Florida Museum of Natural History. The American Elasmobranch Society
      > >is a professional organization comprised of international workers studying
      > >sharks, skates and rays.
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