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FW: [GLISPA Discuss] Americas Important Bird Area book available as pdf downloads

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  • Lloyd Gardner
    ________________________________ From: glispa-discuss@googlegroups.com on behalf of David Wege Sent: Fri 6/11/2010 5:47 AM To: glispa-discuss@googlegroups.com;
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      From: glispa-discuss@... on behalf of David Wege
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      Subject: [GLISPA Discuss] Americas Important Bird Area book available as pdf downloads

      Dear All

      The Americas Important Bird Area (IBA) book was launched last month in Washington DC at the Interamerican Development Bank by the IDB president Sr Moreno. The book provides a concise summary of 2,345 IBAs - priority sites for biodiversity conservation - in 40 national (or overseas territory) chapters.


      The IBA directory is available in pdf (including all intro chapters) here:



      You can also watch the video that was shown at the book launch in DC here at BirdLife's new community site:

      The book includes IBAs from all of the Americas island areas: the Caribbean, Revillagigedo Islands, Juan Fernandez islands, Galapagos, Falklands, Cocos etc.
      A more detailed treament of the Caribbean IBAs was published in 2008, and is also available for download through BirdLife's datazone (http://www.birdlife.org/datazone/sites/index.html) by searching on the appropriate Caribbean island.
      Best regards, David


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