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Fwd: Comparative Education Review: Special Issue on Educators & the Environment

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      Subject: Comparative Education Review: Special Issue on Educators & the  Environment

      Thought this might be interesting to some of you:)

      Call for Manuscripts
      Special 2010 Issue of the Comparative Education Review

      Educators and the Environment:
      World Lessons for a Sustainable World

      How can children learn to envision and become citizens of a common
      world, and how
      can they learn to work across frontiers to avert environmental
      disaster?  What do
      we know about the ways that schools and other institutions build ecological
      responsibility both for their local and world communities?  In years past,
      environmental disasters, from Japan's catastrophe in Minamata to those
      in Bhopal,
      India, Ukraine's Chernobyl, and Pennsylvania's Three Mile Island, were seen as
      national problems with national solutions. But educators today recognize that
      ozone depletion, global warming, and CO2 emissions are global
      problems, demanding
      global solutions and stewardship.  This recognition has led environmental
      educator to redefine ‘citizenship’ and what it means to be a member of
      a global
      ecological community.  Policy makers, institutions, and educators are now
      responding to this challenge and helping to raise general awareness of
      the need
      for environmental action.  What lessons can be drawn from their experiences?

      The aim of this special issue of the Comparative Education Review is
      to present
      on-going research while also stimulating new understandings of environmental
      education worldwide.  We seek critical assessments of existing model
      programs and
      policy initiatives in environmental education and education for sustainable
      development at the school, local community, national, and
      international levels.

      We invite contributors to present findings from original
      investigations, to share
      what is known about the development, implementation, and results of
      education programs and policies, and to analyze the national and transnational
      political and economic forces impeding their implementation.  The editors
      recognize the environment as an ethical, political, technical,
      sociological and
      aesthetic opportunity and challenge.  The Comparative Education Review
      welcomes submissions from diverse perspectives, including political
      theory, law,
      environmental sociology, and green school architecture and planning.

      We anticipate that the special issue will appear in August or November 2010.
      Although there is no absolute deadline for submission, the review of
      started in June 2009 and will continue into the autumn. Submissions will be
      peer-reviewed, just as articles for regular issues are evaluated.  For
      instructions to contributors, and information on how to upload an
      article to the
      CER using the Editorial Manager system, see the “For Authors” tab of
      our webpage:
      http://www.journals.uchicago.edu/toc/cer/current. Authors may also
      request help
      from the managing editors (John Collins and Sarah Fuller, cer@...) or from
      Associate Editor Heidi Ross (haross@...).

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