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    ... ******************************** WANT TO CONTRIBUTE NEWS, INFORMATION? E-mail editorial contributions in MS Word or ASCII text to
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      At 4:01 PM -0400 7/4/00, Spearhead Online Directories wrote:
      >Ocean News is an exciting educational package produced by the
      >Bamfield Marine Station Public Education staff. Even though it
      >focuses on the curriculum for British Columbia Canada, it should be
      >a useful resource for marine educators around the world. Ocean News
      >puts interesting science reading in the hands of grade 6-10 science
      >students, and enhances science learning with hands-on activities and
      >computer programs. There are 5 issues of Ocean News, and each is a
      >3-part package containing a Newsletter, and a Computer Program that
      >includes a Teacher's Guide, Ocean News newsletters and more! Visit
      >http://oceanlink.island.net/ and click on Ocean News.

      WANT TO CONTRIBUTE NEWS, INFORMATION? E-mail editorial contributions
      in MS Word or ASCII text to oceanspace@....

      SUBSCRIBE? Sign up at http://www.oceanspace.co.uk

      WANT TO ADVERTISE? E-mail oceanspace@....
      Advertising (jobs, items for sale, etc.) costs US$160 (currently 95
      UK pounds) per 100 words or pro rata, payable by credit card in
      advance please. For US$320 (190 UK pounds) you can sponsor an issue.
      This means your name appears right at the top "This issue is brought
      to you by ........." and a guaranteed 100 words of editorial.

      DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in Oceansp@ce are those of individual
      contributors and not necessarily those of the publisher. While every
      attempt is made to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of
      information appearing in the newsletter, the publisher accepts no
      liability for damages caused by misinterpretation of information,
      expressed or implied, within the newsletter.

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      Exhibitions, 2200 Wilson Blvd., Suite 500, Arlington, VA 22201 USA;
      +1 703 312 9161. All rights reserved. This publication may not be
      copied or retransmitted in part or whole without change except with
      the explicit consent of the rightsholder. Any unauthorized partial
      duplication will be considered a copyright infringement. WEBSITE:

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