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Fwd: Ocean Literacy Session at Ocean Science 2008

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    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2007
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      >From: "John Windsor" <jwindsor@...>
      >To: <scuttlebutt@...>
      >Subject: Ocean Literacy Session at Ocean Science 2008
      >Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2007 09:30:53 -0400
      >Please post on the SCUTTLEBUTT listserv the announcement of a call
      >for papers at a special session at Ocean Sciences 2008 in Orlando:
      >Novel Approaches for Improving Ocean Sciences Literacy in K-12
      >Thank you for your assistance,
      >John W.
      >John G. Windsor, Jr.
      >Associate Department Head
      >Marine and Environmental Systems
      >Florida Institute of Technology
      >150 West University Boulevard
      >Melbourne, Florida 32901
      >Dear Colleague,
      >I am co-organizing, along with John Windsor (Florida Tech), the
      >following education session (see description below) at Ocean
      >Sciences 2008. If your current work matches our session objectives
      >we encourage you to submit an abstract at
      >REMINDER: Abstract submission deadline is next Tuesday, October 2, 2007.
      >The meeting will be held from March 2 - 7, 2008 in Orlando, Florida
      >and includes several interesting sessions relating to ocean science
      >education and outreach. A searchable list of other Ocean Science
      >2008 sessions can be found at
      >Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions- we hope to
      >see you there!
      >181. Novel Approaches for Improving Ocean Science Literacy in K-12 Classrooms
      >Organizers: Richard A. Tankersley, Florida Institute of Technology,
      ><mailto:rtankers@...>rtankers@...; John Windsor, Florida
      >Institute of Technology, <mailto:jwindsor@...>jwindsor@...
      >Nationwide efforts aimed at utilizing ocean science as a theme for
      >conveying essential scientific principles and fundamental concepts
      >has helped promote the creation of ocean-related curriculum content,
      >instruction, and assessment tools that are aligned with accepted
      >national and state science standards. This session will highlight
      >novel programs aimed at improving ocean science literacy in K-12
      >classrooms. Presentations will focus on hands-on and inquiry-based
      >activities for students, workshops and professional development
      >activities for teachers, and formal and informal educational
      >outreach programs developed and sponsored by universities and local
      >and state agencies and organizations. K-12 teachers will be
      >encouraged to attend and showcase novel lesson plans and activities.
      >The session will also highlight graduate teaching fellowship
      >programs, including those funded by NSF, that use ocean science as a
      >central theme to demonstrate the connectivity and inter-relatedness
      >of science disciplines.
      >Richard A. Tankersley, PhD
      >Department of Biological Science
      >Florida Institute of Technology
      >Melbourne, FL 32901

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