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  • Potter at Island Resources
    I m not just sure what this MyCOE project is all about, but it looks interesting --- contact Dr. Patricia Solís at the American Association
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2006
      I'm not just sure what this MyCOE project is all
      about, but it looks interesting --- contact Dr.
      Patricia Solís <psolis@...> at the American
      Association of Geographers for details and
      information about how GIS might be applied in
      projects in the Eastern Caribbean . . . and
      thanks to Franklin McDonald for passing on the
      newsletter in which this appeared. . . bp

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      Introducing the 2006


      The My Community, Our Earth program is providing
      the opportunity for a limited number of students to work
      with local community projects using geographic tools and
      concepts for sustainable development. Students will gain
      critical workforce and educational experiences through their
      4 to 6 month terms starting this month in Puerto Rico,
      Honduras, Jamaica, Panama, and the US Gulf States.
      Linkages among the distributed project universities,
      community organizations, and governmental agencies will
      include online networking and peer-to-peer mentoring. The
      youth receive modest stipends.

      Project activities at individual sites have been developed
      in conjunction with local host organizations, local
      community groups, and the MyCOE program, as described
      in this update. Activities focus on using geography/GIS for
      sustainable watershed/natural resource management,
      planning or education in both urban and rural settings.
      AAG manages the initiative with grants from the U.S.
      Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Agency for
      International Development, and with support from the U.S.
      Geological Survey, ESRI, and other MyCOE Partners.
      Local projects were selected by circulating a call for
      proposals and identifying those with the greatest capacity to
      accommodate students according to MyCOE goals. Priority
      was given to projects with ongoing activities during 2006
      that could benefit from the collaboration in a way that
      otherwise would not be accomplished.

      Students were selected from among applicants
      responding to broadly and locally distributed calls for
      participation within many different universities and
      disciplinary departments. Selection committees chose each
      student, balancing their ability to contribute significantly to
      the projects as well as their potential to benefit and learn
      from the MyCOE experience.

      Development of additional projects for the last half of
      2006 is underway in targeted locations. For more details,
      contact Dr. Patricia Solís at psolis@....

      MY COE projects in the Wider Caribbean (well, mostly Central America)


      Web Mapping Watersheds for
      Small Agricultural Producers
      The Ministerio de Desarrollo Agropecuario *
      (Ministry of Agriculture) is developing a nationallevel
      project to compile and serve data on
      watersheds and natural resources for public access
      and use via web-based mapping tools. Targeted
      beneficiaries include small agro-producers
      undertaking sustainable development activities.
      Luis Antonio Domínguez Baso, working on his masters in
      Environmental Engineering at the Universidad Tecnológica de
      Panamá will help with first phase spatial database building.

      Guiding Teachers' Use of GIS as Core Tool

      Didactic resources in Spanish for middle and secondary school
      teachers will be produced through this project spearheaded by
      Panama's Ministry of Science & Technology. Besides
      improving the quality of basic science education by employing
      GIS as a core integrative tool, the project encourages students
      to address local issues by relating theory with practical action
      focused toward sustainable development. Oscar Alexis
      Torrez Ríos of the Universidad Latina Panamá will combine
      his technological fluency with experience working in schools to
      participate with the effort.

      Integrating Community Mapping into Land Use Planning

      Jointly implemented by the Ministries of
      Agriculture and Justice, local municipalities,
      and local
      organizations, the Project for Forests and Rural
      Productivity (Proyecto de Bosques y Productividad
      welcomes Nohemy Romero Ventura of the Escuela
      Nacional de Ciencias Forestales to participate
      in integrating participatory community mapping with ongoing
      development of legally required local land use plans. *

      Exploring Urban Environmental Problems

      The Ministry of Land and Environment is conducting a
      community-based project to map urban environmental
      problems in anticipation of major development in key
      Kingston parishes. Undergraduate student in Urban and
      Regional Planning at the University of Technology of
      Jamaica, Stephanie Linton will help the effort to formulate
      planning strategies and guides that enhance the
      communities' historical character and safeguard their
      environmental integrity.


      Coffee Agriculture and

      The International Institute of Tropical
      Forestry (USDA-Forest Service) is
      working with Casa Pueblo and others
      toward better practices of land
      stewardship in the central mountains
      of Puerto Rico. The project explores
      sun and shade coffee agriculture
      through analyses of landscape
      attributes, ecosystem services, and
      affects on biodiversity. Mario Flores
      Mangual, a graduate student with the
      University of Wisconsin's Department
      of Soil Science and Nicole Anderson,
      master's student in Environmental
      Science at Washington State
      University will team up with another
      student volunteer -Lindsay Cray of
      New York - to work on the project.

      Rural & Urban Sustainability
      through Regional Natural Resource Management

      Aiming toward sustaining the quality and health of natural resources in Texas'
      "Hill Country," this project seeks to understand the dynamic relationship
      between rural land use, sprawling cities, and a changing environment in a place
      growing with tourists, homeowners, high-tech industry, and - more recently,
      refugees from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. In conjunction with the National
      Resources Conservation Service (USDA-NRCS), Noah Hopkins joins the
      MyCOE cadre while completing his honors thesis in Geography/Environmental
      Resource Studies at Texas State University, San Marcos. °ø

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