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  • Potter at Island Resources
    [Good report from an unexpected source--many thanks to Marcus Day for the service --- as most members of the CARIBWA list know, the list moderator, Martin A.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 12, 2004
      [Good report from an unexpected source--many thanks to Marcus Day for
      the service --- as most members of the CARIBWA list know, the list
      moderator, "Martin A. Keeley" <mangrove@...> lives in Cayman

      The Cayman Islands reports at the Caribbean Storm
      site<http://stormcarib.com/reports/2004/cayman.shtml> are unusually
      complete --- and scary. Scroll down to read the AP correspondent's
      report at

      "Ivan Cayman
      * From: "Gretchen Allen" <gretchen_allen AT hotmail.com>
      * Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2004 14:10:15 -0500

      best wishes to all . . .

      bruce potter]

      >Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2004 14:06:54 -0400
      >Reply-To: Marcus Day <daym@...>
      >Sender: Members of the Society for Caribbean Studies based in UK
      >From: Marcus Day <daym@...>
      >Subject: Cayman Update
      >Sunday, September 12, 2004
      >As of 11 am local time (12 noon EDT), Hurricane Ivan continued to pound
      >Grand Cayman with155 mph winds as it moved slowly along the south coast of
      >the island.
      >According to the National Hurricane Service in Miami, at 11 am EDT the eye
      >of Hurricane Ivan was about 30 miles southwest of Grand Cayman, but
      >hurricane force winds extended for about 90 miles from the centre of the
      >As the centre of circulation moves to the southwest of the island, the winds
      >will start to shift to the south, likely exacerbating the dangerous sea
      >conditions already existing around the coasts. In previous hurricanes, the
      >sea has flooded across the island, joining the North and South Sounds, and,
      >with the 6 to 8 ft tidal surge accompanying Ivan, it is possible that
      >hurricane-force southerly winds could result in breaking waves across the
      >entire neck of land separating the two Sounds.
      >The government-run Radio Cayman is currently off the air as a result of
      >damage to the building housing its studios, with floodwater 2 feet deep in
      >the parking lot. According to Radio Cayman's News Director, Joel Francis,
      >"We just didn't see this coming."
      >The Government Information Service is also unable to operate and this report
      >has been prepared from unofficial information obtained from local sources.
      >As predicted, widespread flooding from the expected tidal surge was
      >affecting a large part of the island. One report of a house standing eight
      >feet above normal sea level had water ankle-deep inside. In lower-lying
      >areas there have been reports of people having to climb onto kitchen
      >counters to escape the seas that came flooding into their houses.
      >At the offices of Cayman Net News, at the time of filing this report, a foot
      >of floodwater has entered the building causing much damage.
      >The hurricane force winds have torn roofs off and reportedly devastated
      >homes, even in affluent, well-constructed neighbourhoods.
      >Vehicles parked in flood-prone areas are said to have "just disappeared."
      >With many buildings, both residential and commercial, utilising septic tank
      >waste treatment systems, the widespread flooding is resulting in serious
      >health and sanitation concerns as overflowing sewage becomes mixed with the
      >flood waters.
      >At the Cable & Wireless emergency bunker at One Technology Place, a number
      >of people were given shelter after roofs blew off their houses.
      >Floodwater rushing through the ground floor apartments in at least one
      >condominium building in West Bay forced the occupants to flee for their own
      >safety to the floors above.
      >There has been a report that the Hyatt Regency hotel had to be evacuated.
      >All three islands are currently without any electricity, while water
      >supplies were shut down Saturday night for fear of contamination from broken
      >Telecommunications are inconsistent and unreliable. Many landlines,
      >especially those that rely on the mains electrical supply are out of
      >commission, but cellular services are still working intermittently.
      >Reports from the Sister Islands have been scarce, but it is understood that
      >many residents of Cayman Brac sought shelter in the caves on the Bluff, the
      >traditional refuge from hurricanes on that island.
      >All emergency services personnel have been required to stay at their posts
      >through normal shift changes because it has been too dangerous for the
      >incoming shift to venture out in the current conditions. This has doubtless
      >resulted in a high degree of tiredness and stress for those emergency
      >workers who have been on duty since Saturday.
      >Sky News in Britain has been carrying live reports every hour from Cayman
      >Net News Publisher and Editor in Chief Desmond Seales, MBE, from the
      >newspaper's offices in Allista Towers, in George Town, Grand Cayman.
      >According to Mr Seales, "This is a national disaster. Damage is likely to
      >run into the tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of dollars
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