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Vacancy at Caribbean Regional Environmental Programme

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  • Lloyd Gardner
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2003
      >Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2003 17:03:17 -0000
      >Subject: [CCA] Vacancy at Caribbean Regional Environmental Programme
      >The Caribbean Regional Environmental Programme (CREP) is being
      >implemented by the Caribbean Conservation Association (CCA) through a
      >Programme Management Unit (PMU) based in Barbados.
      >Expertise required
      >The REAC will have direct experience:
      >- working with multi-media arts production and administration
      >- in popular Caribbean art forms or cultural studies
      >- in communications, public education and awareness building
      >A Bachelor of Arts degree and at least seven (7) years work
      >experience is required.
      >Creative thinking would be a strong asset.
      >Terms of Reference (TOR)
      >The REAC will be required to prepare contract documents, advertise
      >and recruit suitable Caribbean artists to produce specific awareness
      >building products, as well as oversee production and distribution of
      >these products. In the first year, four (4) products are foreseen:
      >1. Video on CREP challenges & goals
      >2. Video on indigenous peoples¡¦ values
      >3. Radio drama series
      >4. CD compiled of songs and poetry on environment and development
      >The REAC will:
      >ć elaborate on the concepts already developed for the above
      >products, monitor their production, ensure that agreed to delivery
      >dates are kept by producers and schedule product launches.
      >ć develop a database for disseminating the products, including
      >commercial media centres, Government Information Services in
      >participating CARICOM States, CREP Focal Point Organizations, schools
      >and community and labour groups etc.
      >ć establish a mechanism for measuring the impact of the
      >products on select audiences. In the Amenity Areas (AAs) this will
      >be done in collaboration with CREP Focal Point Organizations
      >(products are to be viewed in the AAs by a cross-section of community
      >groups and secondary schools attendees).
      >ć prepare a questionnaire or other appropriate format for
      >establishing baseline awareness information and feedback mechanisms
      >to measure audience responses. The means for longer term impact
      >monitoring of behavioural changes will also need to be developed.
      >ć investigate commercial opportunities for products produced.
      >In subsequent annual work plans the REAC will elaborate the concepts
      >for additional products to be produced and disseminated. These
      >concepts were tabled at the CREP REA Workshops ¡§ An Interface of
      >Environmental Professionals and Culture Producers¡¦, held in 2002 in
      >Jamaica and Trinidad.
      >ć establish a Regional syndicated newspaper column
      >titled ¡¥Conversations with the Earth¡¦, to be published in 13
      >CARIFORUM States.
      >Two columns per month are foreseen. The REAC will make arrangements
      >with leading newspaper editors to host the columns, invite submission
      >and send columns to the newspapers. Columns will also be reproduced
      >on the CREP website and in CCA Newsletter.
      >ƒá Develop the ¡¥One cent fund money tree¡¦ concept & organize for
      >the production of a prototype ¡¥tree¡¦. Arrange with a commercial
      >centre to display ¡¥tree¡¦ and monitor success of this as a means to
      >generate funds
      >The REAC is expected to work closely with the CREP PMU and the
      >Regional Environmental Information Coordinator (REIC) at the CCA.
      >The CREP PMU will require the services of the REAC for approximately
      >30 months. The Contract is covered in CREP annual work plans and will
      >be issued on an annual basis. The REAC post will be based at the CCA.
      >For further information, please contact Programme Manager Cathal
      >Healy-Singh at crepmanager@... or Joth Singh at
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