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Fwd: BP Conservation Awards 2004

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  • Martin Keeley and Claudette Upton
    Hi guys FYI Martin ... Martin Keeley & Claudette Upton General Delivery, Watering Place P.O. Cayman Brac, Cayman Islands. Tel: (345) 948-0319) Fax: (345)
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2003
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      Hi guys


      >>Dear Editor,
      >>I am contacting you to let you know that funding and training is
      >>available for student expedition & conservation research projects planned
      >>for 2004 from the BP Conservation Programme - please find details
      >>below.ÝÝWe would be gratefulÝif you could put this notice up onto your
      >>I hope this will be of interest to your websiteÝreaders.Ý
      >>Many thanks
      >>Tamsin Morrison
      >>on behalf of The BP Conservation Programme
      >>DEADLINE - 31ST OCTOBER 2003
      >>E-mail applications and enquiries to:
      >>For more information see: http://conservation.bp.com
      >>The BP Conservation Programme's mission is to engage, encourage and train
      >>the conservationists of the future through the facilitation of
      >>sustainable projects that address global priorities at a local level.
      >>This initiative, organised by BirdLife International, BP p.l.c., Fauna &
      >>Flora International (FFI), Conservation International (CI) and the
      >>Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), helps young conservationists across
      >>the world to achieve their goals. Over the last 13 years the Programme
      >>has supported 205 projects in 64 countries. The Programme works towards
      >>its aims through advice, training and financial awards primarily
      >>targeting university students.
      >>Financial Awards: In 2004 the Programme will be granting around 20 first
      >>year awards and six follow-up awards. Awards for first time projects
      >>range from £5,000 to £12,000 (US$7,500 - 17,500) and follow-up awards
      >>average around £25,000 (US$35,000). Project teams applying for funding
      >>need to submit an application by the 31 October 2003. All projects
      >>applying for awards must fulfill the following criteria:
      >>ï Address a wildlife conservation priority of global importance
      >>(preferably linking with established work-plans e.g. national
      >>biodiversity action plan)
      >>ï Have a strong link with the country where the project will take
      >>place (local people participating in all parts of project planning and
      >>ï Have a majority of team members in full- or part-time University
      >>education (under- or post-graduate, and of any age)
      >>Full details of criteria and submission procedure can be found on our web
      >>site http://conservation.bp.com Closing date for applications is the 31st
      >>Training: To increase the support given to conservation project planners
      >>the Programme has developed a series of training workshops. A
      >>representative from each award winning team is given the chance to
      >>attended training workshops on field-work techniques and project
      >>planning. In 2004, these workshops will take place in the UK.
      >>Advisory Service: Our website provides all details about the Programme
      >>and award application process (including on-line application form) plus
      >>essential information for project planners including proposal and report
      >>writing guidelines, and links to essential web-based information
      >>We would urge you to consider whether you have any ideas for projects
      >>which you think would be eligible and could benefit your scope of
      >>activities- contact us: bp-conservation-programme@...


      Martin Keeley & Claudette Upton
      General Delivery, Watering Place P.O.
      Cayman Brac, Cayman Islands.
      Tel: (345) 948-0319)
      Fax: (345) 948-0640
      E-mail: mangrove@...
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