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Earthwatch Institute research funding available

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  • Martin Keeley and Claudette Upton
    Hi guys FYI Martin ... Martin Keeley & Claudette Upton General Delivery, Watering Place P.O. Cayman Brac, Cayman Islands. Tel: (345) 948-0319) Fax: (345)
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      Hi guys


      >From: "Jonathan Howe" <jhowe@...>
      >Hello all,
      > The Center for Field Research (CFR) invites researchers
      >working in Caribbean Studies to apply for an Earthwatch Institute (EWI)
      >field grant. EWI is a non-profit institution that sponsors scholarly
      >field research in the biological, physical, social and cultural
      >sciences. Field grant awards are derived from funds contributed by
      >Earthwatch members who serve as volunteer participants on research
      >projects. Volunteers are well-educated and highly motivated individuals
      >who are recruited and screened to meet scientists’ needs. To date,
      >Earthwatch has supported over 1,000 research projects in 118 countries,
      >with over 65,000 volunteer field assistants contributing $40 million in
      >research grants, making EWI the second largest source of private funding
      >for scientific research.
      > CFR will consider proposals for field research in any
      >discipline that can substantively involve these nonspecialist volunteers
      >in the implementation of a carefully constructed pure or applied
      >research project. The following list is not inclusive but does indicate
      >the breadth of inquiry CFR has historically recommended to Earthwatch
      >Institute for support:
      >•Projects that assess regional and international problems such as:
      >deforestation, global warming, sea-level change, desertification, acid
      >rain, population pressures, and food security issues.
      >•Studies of alternative energy and sustainable agriculture programs.
      >•Research that assesses public health problems in developing countries,
      >particularly those that focus on how women's socioeconomic roles impact
      >on health and development.
      >•Programs that record, document, or preserve cultural property and
      >ethnic diversity, including archaeology, music, dance, oral and folk
      >traditions, decorative arts, vernacular architecture, and antiquities.
      >•Research to develop the capacity for predicting the responses of
      >terrestrial, freshwater, coastal, and marine ecosystems and biodiversity
      >to short- and long-term perturbations of the environment, and to develop
      >appropriate restoration ecology.
      >•Studies of indigenous and local knowledge and its application to
      >achieve sustained levels of development.
      >If you or any of your colleagues are interested in learning more, please
      >either visit our website at <http://www.earthwatch.org/>
      >http://www.earthwatch.org/aboutew/cfr.html, or email me with questions.
      >The preliminary proposal and application guidelines are available
      >online, or I would be happy to send them to you. Good luck with your
      >research, we’re here to help!
      >Thank you very much,
      >Jonathan Howe
      >Program Assistant, Center for Field Research
      >Earthwatch Institute
      >3 Clock Tower Place
      >Maynard, MA USA 01754
      >Tel (978)450-1210; Fax (978) 461-2332
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      Martin Keeley & Claudette Upton
      General Delivery, Watering Place P.O.
      Cayman Brac, Cayman Islands.
      Tel: (345) 948-0319)
      Fax: (345) 948-0640
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