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[caribwa] Scholarships for Educators

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    THREE $1000 RAINFOREST WORKSHOP SCHOLARSHIPS FOR K-12 EDUCATORS Call Frances Gatz 800-669-6806 or email: fgatz@earthlink.net to enter any or all of three
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2000
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      Call Frances Gatz 800-669-6806 or email: fgatz@... to enter
      any or all of three monthly drawings January-March 2000. Or check our
      web site www.travel2learn.com for an entry form. No entry requirements.
      Unique, active, and fun! Learn through direct experience with researchers
      in some of the most biologically diverse environments in the world. Join
      a spirited faculty at the AMAZON Workshop (July 6-14, 2000) to experience
      a 1/4-mile rainforest Canopy Walkway, the vast Amazon Rainforest, and
      Indigenous Cultures. In addition to Rainforests, explore the Barrier
      Reef and Maya Archaeology in BELIZE (July 6-13, 2000). Academic credit.
      Special air travel available. Full land cost for each workshop is $1898,
      with deposit by March 20, 2000.

      -- Frances A. Gatz, Ph.D., Director, Rainforest Workshops
      ENVIRONMENTAL EXPEDITIONS, 801 Devon Place, Alexandria, VA 22314
      Phone: 800-669-6806 or 703-549-6626
      Email: fgatz@... Fax: 703-549-5045

      P.S. Here are more workshop details:
      July 6-14, 2000
      Instructors: LYNNE CHERRY, Author/Illustrator (The Great Kapok Tree)
      Canopy Researcher DR. MARGARET LOWMAN, Marie Selby Botanical Gardens
      Marine Biologist DR. LUNDIE SPENCE, NC Sea Grant College Program
      Entomologist RANDY MORGAN, Cincinnati Zoo
      Rainforest Biodiversity Expert DR. STEVE MADIGOSKY, Widener University
      Ornithologist DR. KEN ROSENBERG, Cornell University
      Participants often comment that this rainforest workshop is one of their
      most memorable lifetime experiences. Ascend over 115 feet on a 1/4-mile
      Rainforest Canopy Walkway, the only one of its kind in the Western
      Visit local schools and families and see how indigenous cultures use
      the forest for medicine, food, and shelter. Enjoy comfortable
      of native materials. Workshop participants rotate through a series of
      field experiences and interact with all workshop leaders. Gain first-hand
      experience in field research by using various field research techniques.

      July 6-13, 2000
      Instructors: Archaeologist LAURA HOWARD, Lamanai Archaeological Project
      Rainforest Biodiversity Expert and Naturalist Guide MR. JAN MEERMAN
      Marine Ecologist GAIL BRADLEY MILLER, Sea Studies International
      At Lamanai, a Maya temple site, enjoy morning wake-up calls from Howler
      Monkeys in the canopy trees high overhead and an evening "spotlight safari"
      searching for Morelet's and American Crocodiles. Interact with researchers
      studying environmental contaminants of Crocodiles, vocalizations of Howler
      Monkeys, and Songbird populations. Our rainforest/reef comparison continues
      at Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary--the world's only Jaguar reserve
      and on Belize's Barrier Reef. Over 220 types of fish as well as hundreds
      of invertebrate species can be found along the magnificent reef structure.
      Enjoy the crystal waters of the Caribbean's vibrant hues of blue from
      your island lodging at South Water Caye. Nearby Garifuna, Maya, and Creole
      villages on the mainland highlight the diversity of cultures in Belize.

      P.P.S. Previous $1000 Rainforest Workshop Scholarship Winners include:
      1999 - Jo Allyn Henry, 4th grade teacher at Cedarbrook Elementary School
      in Plainfield, NJ
      1998 - Karie Trupka, math and science teacher at Circle of the Nations
      School in Wahpeton, ND
      1997 - James Bennett, high school science teacher at the Duke Ellington
      School of the Arts in Washington, DC
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