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910The Biodiversity Barometer - what do people understand about biodiversity and sustainable development?

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  • Lloyd Gardner
    Sep 27, 2013
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      Read the two reports 2012 Biodiversity  Barometer and here 2013 Biodiversity Barometer (be patient, they are a little slow to load!).

        Produced by the Union for Ethical Biotrade each year, the 2013 issue reports on what consumers know now and also looks back on how this has changed over the last five years. It shows a slow but steady growth in understanding - in 2009 50% of people in selected countries knew the term biodiversity with 30% correctly defining what it means. In 2013 67% of people knew the term and 39% could correctly define it. So it’s positive news, but not a great leap forward. There are some interesting differences between countries.

       The report also looks at which companies consumers believe care about the environment and respect biodiversity. Consumers often identified beauty, food and retail companies. Interestingly, one of Ramsar’s business partners, the Danone Group, came out second in France. Top 3 brands are identified for six countries.  Some interesting statistics on the growth of sustainability reporting by companies are available too.
       There are some other interesting insights: young people are more aware about biodiversity than older people; income and education influence awareness rates and notions of sustainability; and people that buy natural cosmetics have higher awareness on biodiversity!

       And lastly, an interesting statistic from the 2012 Biodiversity Barometer on how people said they learned about biodiversity. From eight countries, the greatest number (50%) learned from television programmes and documentaries, next came articles in newspapers and magazines at 35%. Only 12% learned from web sites and blogs – quite a surprising result for me and an important statistic for raising awareness with the general public.