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902PhD Opportunities

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  • Lloyd Gardner
    Sep 6, 2013
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      Subject: PhD Opportunities
      Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2013 15:34:49 +0000

      The MARES Doctoral Programme on Marine Ecosystem Health and Conservation is offering a fully funded PhD opportunity on the topic "Microplastic distribution and ecological interactions across latitudinal gradients". The PhD is coordinated by the University of Gent, Belgium but it is hosted by Galway Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT) - Ireland and University of Plymouth - England.

      For more information, follow the link:
      PhD position in multiple stressor effects on coral biology and biogeochemistry

      Graduate student position (PhD level)  for January 2014 to study multiple stressor effects on coral biology and biogeochemistry.  Desired qualifications (but not required) include:
      1) Masters degree in marine science, biology, geology, environmental science, or relevant discipline
      2) experience in conducting field or laboratory experiments with living organisms, preferably corals,
      3) experience in conducting laboratory work (i.e., sample preparation, organic extractions, stable isotope ratio mass spectrometry). 
      Position includes a a four-year TA fellowship, stipend, and benefits. 
      To apply, send a single .pdf document (with file being the applicant's name) containing cover letter, recent CV, names of 3 referees, GRE scores, TOEFL scores (if non-native English speaker), copy of university transcripts (translated if not in English) listing the names of courses taken and grade received to Dr. Andrea G Grottoli (grottoli.1@...) by 20 September 2013.
      PhD position on Dolphin Social Cognition

      Dept of Cognitive Science, UC San Diego

      Applications for position beginning Fall 2014 are due December 2, 2013.

      This research involves audio and video analysis of social interactions in captive bottlenose dolphins. Our goals include gaining a better understanding of the social use of vocalization and gesture in these animals, and the role that monitoring and manipulating social attention plays in their daily lives. Qualifications for potential candidates
      include some subset of the following:

      * Background in observational studies of behavior, especially the micro-analysis of video

      * Working knowledge of ?distributed cognition? (e.g. Hutchins 1995; 2001, Johnson 2001, 2010; Hutchins & Johnson 2009 - see refs below)

      * Experience with Computer Vision techniques

      * Programming skills (e.g. in ?C?, ?Python?, or equivalent)

      * Familiarity with Information Dynamics measures (such as "mutual information", "integration", and complexity" - see Lungarella et al, 2005)

      Interested parties should contact Dr. Christine Johnson, Dept of Cognitive Science, UC San Diego, at johnson@... for further details.

      Hutchins, E. (1995) Cognition in the Wild. MIT Press.

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