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SoCal Forest gathering between 9/7 and 9/21

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  • Colin Leath
    As a heads up, I m heading to the forest between 9/7 and 9/21, and if you d like some motivation to get out there too, we can work together. I m flexible on
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 21, 2007
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      As a heads up, I'm heading to the forest between 9/7 and 9/21, and if
      you'd like some motivation to get out there too, we can work together.
      I'm flexible on the dates.

      My current plan:

      we can head either to:

      Cleveland NF--the north part near Santa Margarita (the San Mateo Cyn
      wilderness) or the south part (Pine Creek Wilderness). (Both
      accessible by public transit + a walk).

      Los Padres NF--Leaving from Ojai or SB, or perhaps even San Luis Obispo.

      Sequoia NF--Public transit to Bakersfield and then to Lake Isabella (
      http://www.co.kern.ca.us/roads/kernregionaltransit.asp ).

      To get the related maps, http://www.nationalforeststore.com/

      The issues we're dealing with in deciding where to go:
      (1) Closures due to fire damage (Los Padres)
      (2) Restrictions on using fire or stoves (varies)
      (3) Access to water (varies) and/or hot temperatures.
      (4) Obtaining overnight stay permits (varies)
      (5) Getting there.

      For these reasons, I'm leaning towards Sequoia NF, unless there is
      someone who has first-hand knowledge of water access in some of the
      other forests (I know of some springs in Los Padres that I believe
      will still be running).

      I plan to be out there for about two weeks. I don't plan to be walking
      very much. Mostly what I think I will do is find nice spots and lay
      there for most of the day studying some books and take breaks from
      that by botanizing & mycologizing, and perhaps also doing some
      yoga/meditation/ and possibly some Integral Life Practice / Integral
      Transformative Practice type exercises.

      Last time (in El Dorado NF) I was studying _Sex, Ecology,
      Spirituality_ by Ken Wilber. This is relevant to our ecological

      This time, I may work on: _The Nature of Order_ series by Christopher
      Alexander. As well as _Introduction to Permaculture_

      I carry _Botany in a Day_ and will take a mushroom guide as well.

      In effect, this is a forest unschool/library, and you're welcome to
      come along with your books/skills & practices to share/interests.

      Some background on this idea can be found at:


      It is the closest I might get to helping plan a SD/TJ permaculture
      gathering (an earlier project I have yet to follow through on).

      The motivation for this current trip came from the Feral Visions
      Gathering near Tahoe--a group of us got together to organize some sort
      of Southern California (San Luis Obispo & south) Forest Gathering that
      would be on a trail--not accessible by road.

      Food wise, 1 cup soaked lentils, 1 cup white rice, 1 spoonful salt, a
      bit of kombu seaweed, + whatever I forage, x (times) two meals per
      day, seems to keep me functional (I have yet to check the adequacy of
      the nutrition of this). I may also keep a fermented 7-grain culture
      going (1 cup / every other day?). If I were to go without cooking, I
      might just sprout the lentils and soak bulgur wheat.

      Below is an earlier proposal from Caroline, who probably won't be free
      that weekend any more.

      If you want to help with the planning of this or be notified of the
      final decisions, please let me know.


      As we discussed a wilderness outing is needed to breakup the pavement
      and landscaping of our minds and this place that we call home.
      September 7, 8 & 9th (Friday thru Sunday) were suggested. Greg, Justin
      and I talked about an intellectual goal as well: discussion and story
      sharing on the question "where do we live?" more specifically: what
      people lived here before us, what they called the land, how they
      lived, what plants and animals were here and are still here. basically
      we want to educate each other in place as we walk and enjoy (probably)
      Cleveland National Forest.
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