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Fwd: Mount Up Warriors - This Weekend Cabrillo, RTS Tonight.

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  • Colin Leath
    Here s the latest electric warriors ride--meet 2pm Saturday at the fountain in balboa park (I m pretty sure that s where it starts). Reclaim the streets is
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 13, 2007
      Here's the latest electric warriors ride--meet 2pm Saturday at the
      fountain in balboa park (I'm pretty sure that's where it starts).

      Reclaim the streets is tonight.


      I'll get the notes from the meeting/ agenda for the next out on Tuesday!


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      From: Electric Warrior <sandiegoelectricwarriors@...>
      Date: 11-abr-2007 12:03
      Subject: Mount Up Warriors - This Weekend Cabrillo

      First of all I would like to apologize for people getting this message
      more than once, i'm lazy... enough said.

      Second we are going to Cabrillo National Monument this weekend!!! Me
      and Randy did this ride two weekends ago and it was a-mazing. The
      views, the fresh air, sunshine, everything... don't miss out on this!
      I am not sure how long this ride is... maybe 20miles round trip? the
      point being is that it possibly sounds daunting to some less
      experienced riders, but believe me when i say ANYONE can do this ride.
      HONESTLY the hill up to the monument was not bad at all. I was a
      little worried myself, but it was a breeze. Just park your bike in
      that granny gear and have at it. VERY easy climb. We went from the
      bottom of the hill in Point Loma to the top near that Christian
      college is less than 15min easily. Now... the climb down to the tide
      pools ahaha... that is a different story. But we should all do that
      too! we probably hit like 35mph going down that hill !!! So

      Meet at the park at 2pm Saturday 14th 2007 to Ride to Cabrillo
      National Monument. Bring $3 cash to enter the park, that's the bike



      Montezuma Mesa, (Pueblo & San Diego River Watersheds), Turtle Island,
      Earthcare Nation
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